Moving on & Moving up.

This is a post I have been pondering over for a while. In fact i’ve written, unwritten and rewritten over and over again, but now it’s time, so let’s just jump right into it.

Moving cities can be daunting.

Most people move for university, where you are thrown into plenty of situations where you will meet new people and experience new things. But when you move for work it is a different story.

I’ve recently moved city for work, although I am self employed so rarely interact with the same people. I love exploring, and I love the new city, but I realise being here for a few weeks now that I missed out on so much living in a small stagnant town for so long.

Children make friends so easily, and although I consider myself shy and awkward I wouldn’t say I’ve ever had issues making friends, but I’ve always been put into forced social situations like work, school and university. So being somewhere I know no one seems really odd. I’ve been lucky enough to stay friends with a large group from school, and I don’t just mean we like each others social media posts every other week, we regularly meet up and are always group chatting, I know in an instance they’d be there for me if I needed them, as I would be for them, but it’s different not physically being around people. Don’t get me wrong, I am actually very happy when I have time to myself to relax and reflect and it may seem like i’m obsessing over something small but I don’t think it’s unhealthy to want different types of relationships in your life, and in all honesty I think I’m thinking more about how you actually meet friends as an adult more than feeling like I need it myself, although a few drinking partners would definitely not go amiss on a Saturday night.

The town I grew up in was nice enough, and I really was a strong believer that I could achieve what I wanted from there as a base, but soon enough I realised it was time to move on, so at 25 I moved cities for the first time. I grew up travelling a lot and have never felt like a recluse who wasn’t culturally aware, but grew tired of having to travel for so much, in a land of opportunity why not situate it right on your doorstep? I can say for sure I am much happier here, I felt i’d never want to move, but now I realise I can live somewhere with all the good things I liked about my home town, and so much more.

So i’ve made it my mission to figure out Adulting 101, and that’s what I’ll document here, along with other rants and ramblings of my day to day life.

There is already so much to do and explore here not to mention the fact I am in a central hub for plenty of other things not too far away, I have written a 101 in 1001 list which I plan to document both here and on my Youtube channel so I hope you’ll join me on my journey.