‘An extroverted week is just what the doctor ordered’


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It’s been some time since I really felt like I could push myself out of my comfort zone. I’d been dependant on too many people and things for too long. This past month has been tough though, my entire life was flipped upside down, and I felt so lost and alone, but i’m starting to see the positives.

I began by running, a lot, I felt adding it into my morning kept me occupied on those sleepless nights, and then I could relax a bit more when I came home and finished up my morning routine (which I have almost perfected by the way). It allowed me to feel ready for the day with that big burst of energy, and forcing myself time after gave me the perfect amount of time to really put some effort into my appearance with time for makeup and planning an outfit that wasn’t put together in the dark. Now at first I did this out of boredom, then to win someone back, but now I see the clarity and happiness within my own mind and realise I didn’t need to do it for any of those reasons, and now I am doing it for me.


My weekend was packed with memories I know will make me smile for a long time to come. It was my first time back home in almost 6 months, so I made sure to fill my schedule (a little too much). I started, abruptly, with a run down the beach as it had been a 6 hour drive and I needed to stretch out a bit. After a cup of tea with and catch-up with my mum of course.

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Saturday was filled with childhood friends. I don’t know many people who are still friends with as big a group of friends from school as I am lucky to have. Nat and Sarah I have known since primary school, Alice, Lucy and Abbi since secondary. I met Sarah for brunch, we have known each other since literal birth and she is always there for me, we needed a very big catch up after the past month so I grabbed a vegan chocolate frappe and smoothie bowl at my favourite coffeehouse. After a well deserved rest we met up with Alice and did some last minute shopping for the big night – Lucys Hen Do!


I went to head home but my mum decided she was now hungry, so back to Riverhead we went for a quick bagel and iced lemon tea. Time to get ready!  I bought the cutest playsuit from PLT and headed off for pre-drinks and a quick photoshoot.


The Bobbin is one of my favourite cocktail bars back home, I had a few long islands with cranberry and the mediterranean platter for food (a cheat day that turned into a cheat weekend, and i’m still feeling it) The night ended prematurely but it was so nice to see everyone and catch up and i’m very excited for the wedding in 2 weeks.

Sunday was a nice day out with my mum, we had Sunday lunch at a beautiful French restaurant, I opted for the Vegan Chicken pie, sweet potato fries and green tea. It was so delicious!


We even went to a cake shop for dessert. The cake was enough for 5 people, and their ice-cream was delicious! Mint choc chip forever! By this point I had eaten so much I couldn’t move! But I needed to reach my step goal so went for a walk along the beach with my mum.


Monday was my mums wedding anniversary and she wanted to surround herself with friends and family so we went on a wonderful Spa day! I didn’t get many photos as I was too busy relaxing but I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone here as we went to the bar in robes for our ‘light lunch’ which was a 2 course meal, and we ended up in a golfers lounge that was filled and no one else was in robes even though I was assured they would be haha! I opted for a facial and scalp, neck and shoulder massage. I love facials but this one really broke me out after spending so much time refining my skincare routine (blog post definitely to come on this!) I think i’ll stick to scrubs and massages in future. To round our day off we had a lovely meal in the restaurant, I opted for pizza and I swear I am never eating pizza again, it was so delicious but I have eaten so much of it!


Tuesday it was unfortunately time to come home, I had a quick stop in town for a coffee and to try to buy these shoes in the Primark sale. I found the cutest cargo pants and trainers combo and but they only had a size 5 in the trainers, but they were only £5 so I was so tempted to squeeze into them, unfortunately I didn’t so also put the cargo pants back. Driving home was long, and very hot, when I got home I decided to rush to Basingstoke Primark before it shut. They had the shoes! And they had been reduced even more! £3 bargain! But oh no, the cargo pants weren’t there. It was too late and too far to go anywhere else so I just got the shoes and decided to try my luck in Camberley another day for the pants, luckily I got them and outfit was complete (barring the tshirt i’d left, yet again, at my mums). I got caught in the rain but here is the outfit nonetheless.


The rest of the week was filled with work. I managed to get a few superdrug bargains, most impressively this NYX palette that was reduced to £8 and they were on 3 for 2 anyway. I also got a new fixing spray to trial and some foundation drops as I am desperately seeking a new full coverage daily foundation that doesn’t break the bank! I’m thinking of doing a haul of this to see what’s out there. 


Anyway that is it for my very long but well needed week. I am back to the running grind now and trying not to be demotivated with self-care. Sometimes when you get comfortable it is hard to pull yourself back, but I think I am managing. And writing this is the first steps to some kind of order and routine in something I have wanted to do for a very, very long time.

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