… Three Little Things …

I find my time much more manageable when I break my tasks into 3. Which is why my daily routine now consists of planning 3 little things to accomplish during the day. I do plan 3 work and 3 personal so technically it is 6, but work me and at home me are different so I let it slide. Planning your day over a smoothie bowl is the best way to start the day and get motivated!


Through a slew of disorganisation from one simple weekend visiting home I needed both a full body and mind detox, and some real time to myself. So this week is my re-balancing. I aim to spend some time filming and branding for new work opportunities, and organising the hell out of my life and apartment, because more than anything I feel demotivated by clutter. I also struggle a lot with pressure, I tend to build things up to a point that I would rather not start something because I have put overwhelming pressure on myself and don’t want to see it fail.

For example, a silly thing, I have always had an obsession with stationary and it’s become a bit of an issue to the point that I do not want to use some if it for fear of ruining it or making a mistake. So today I put my tasks as:


  1. Notepad for goals which is filled in every evening tracking progress and goals for the next day
  2. 15,000 steps which incorporates a half hour interval run
  3. Do a random activity – Trampoline Park!


  1. Finalise some Edits
  2. Poster design for Grand Opening
  3. Gym like schedule for day-to-day running


I have a lot of goals, and I mean a lot, and I feel like breaking it down like this will ensure I get more done. I have some very big goals to achieve so today I am easing into it with relatively achievable ones, I do not want to clutter my day with big projects, fall at the first hurdle and then be demotivated, so this weekend should see some big changes.

Let’s see how we get on….

3 thoughts on “… Three Little Things …

  1. Steph says:

    Love this post! I am the same with stationary; I have so much that I haven’t used for fear of ruining them but I’m going to take a leaf out of your book and I’m going to pick one of my favourite untouched notebooks and use it as my official goal setting and daily to do list diary. I can also totally relate about clutter being demotivating, I think I might dedicate my weekend to decluttering and hopefully it’ll help with my rut!


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