A Leap of Faith

Screenshot (35)**Midnight Ramblings**

Something I have wanted to do for a very long time has presented itself to me in recent days. I very much hate when people say they have ‘big news’ or ‘secret surprises’ however I am going to keep this opportunity quiet, for two reasons. One, because at the present moment, it is just a dream, one I am not sure I am going to take, but one I will definitely pursue as to not lose the opportunity again, and two, because I want this to be a completely subjective decision, not clouded by anyone else’s judgement or opinion. So this post may be vague, it may be infuriating, but I need to air out my thought process.

Imagine you had wanted to do something for years, different variants milling around in your brain for about 10 years, the concrete version for about 3. Now imagine you hadn’t done that because you was scared, scared of failure, scared of being alone, scared of being out of your depth. Furthermore you hadn’t because someone was holding you back. Now imagine you were free from that, you felt like you could now achieve and the person that had been holding you back had let you go. You’d be daft not to jump at the chance right?

Life is scary, but opportunities present themselves, and I can’t keep holding back for fear of jumping into the unknown, because sometimes, that is where the adventure lies. And if we aren’t looking for adventure, why are we here?

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