Where did Blogtober go?

This week hosted World Mental Health day. And it was important for me to stop for a moment.

I hate Autumn. I hate the cold mornings. I hate the cold afternoons. I hate the cold evenings.

I’m constantly wrapped up with a portable heater, as soon as I get home I climb in bed and the amount of chocolate and biscuits I consume is beyond recognition. This put me in a major slump though. I genuinely feel so much better when my body is fuelled with healthy foods and not crammed with artificial sugars and weighed down with heavy starch.

Today I regrouped. I went for my morning run, picked up my pen and headed to a café to focus on what makes me happy. My projects.

My mum is visiting me this weekend and I cannot wait, it’s been a month since I booked her train tickets and it has gone quick – thank god! It’s honestly been a long month, but I know seeing her and having a weekend together will remotivate me and give me that last push I need to get out of this slump!

I think it’s a time for a clear-out of clutter at home and condensing my ideas so I can fully focus on my main priorities and not get lost in a slew of ideas where nothing is being achieved. It’s my day off tomorrow, so, Nero in hand (obviously) I’ll be tackling my next steps and preparing for a weekend I need more than anything…




Puppets Everywhere

‘only for now’

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 14.18.38 (5)

I am making good progress with just one of the things from my 101 in 1001 list. I managed to learn and memorise all of the Katakana within an hour today over my weekly coffee thanks to Tofugu’s mnemonics list! I completely underestimated mnemonics and expected to learn just by repetition and flashcards but that association with the most bizarre things (hello ‘na‘whals, ‘fu‘nny looking owls and ‘ho‘ly crosses) I locked it down in no time!

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 14.18.38 (1)

After my revision and caffeine session I headed to Woking ready to see Avenue Q! I’d not been to Woking before so headed down early to have a browse around the shops. I can’t believe we’re at the beginning of October and everywhere is festive already! I mean, the Yankee Candle store is adorable but it’s not even been Halloween yet.


I didn’t realise the cultural quarter of Woking, there were a lot of references to playwrights and musical theatre dotted throughout the city, but not a lot to do. The shops were dated but there was a lot of construction going on so it seems like big things are planned.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 14.18.39 (2)




This statuette reminded me of Jenna Marbles’ ‘I wanna be tall‘ so even though the statue petrified me I loved it just for that.





I ended up waiting around for a while so decided to head to a British classic – Spoons. They’ve released a vegan burger which I opted for and it wasn’t bad for cheap and cheerful pub grub. It was a bit dry but nicer than their vegetable burger. I still had an hour to kill so grabbed a coffee and planned my week.



Hindsight is a great thing, foresight is better when you’re pretty sure it’s going to rain so pack an umbrella then leave it in the car. I’d done just that today, and low and behold leaving the pub it poured it down, and the directions to the theatre were not clear…

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 14.18.38 (3)I fully expected the theatre to be some small back alley auditorium so rocking up in a hoodie, jeans and trainers with a backpack full of shopping made me stand out like a sore thumb amongst the dressed to the nines guests and the lounge piano player.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 14.18.38

I managed to get a great seat because I bought a solo ticket. Of course the loudest audience member was sat directly behind me however I swapped seats at intermission and the second half was much more enjoyable.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 14.18.38 (7)

The show was great, I was actually shocked how many songs I recognised! Obviously The Internet is for Porn is a classic but other ones I recognised from reference but didn’t know where they were from, I thoroughly recommend a viewing of it! I got over my fear of doing things solo and I’ll be saving up for a trip to London to see Book of Mormon next month!

Lets get NUDE! – First product review

Group product shot

The nude Line in Primark is by no means new, but it’s something i walked past for many months without picking up. I finally decided to pick up some of the products for my first product review though. I’ve heard some pretty good things about it. I remember the brush set being compared to the Kim K brush set, I mainly opted for lip products and highlighters though. So let’s get started…


My favourite lip look is matte in a fairly nude with some dulled pink/ brown tone. My current everyday is makeup revolution Chauffeur, you can see how much I wear it by how little have left! So it’s pretty apparent I need a new one.

Lip Souffle group product shot

I picked up 3 lip souffle’s and 3 lipsticks, lets start with the souffles. From left to right they are Heatrbreaker, Hustle and Devoted.

Lip Souffle test
Hustle, Devoted & Heartbreaker in action.

There are 3 distinct colours so they work well for a nude line for different skintones. When I tested them the product came out thick and creamy and was hard to budge once it dried which gives me hope that you’d not need to keep reapplying through the day or worry about smears.

I think my personal favourite is hustle, followed by devoted which isn’t a usual colour i’d go for but it swatched nicely. Heartbreaker is far too bright for me for a nude lip, i’m not too sure about the colour in general, maybe paired with a nice gloss over it but first impressions it’s my least favourite. These each retail for £2 which is incredibly cheap for something with the initial longevity that I can see here.

Lipsticks group shot

Latte, Swoon, Everlasting.

Moving to the lipsticks I got 2 from the nudes range and one from the lustre range, the packaging for the 2 from the nude range are adorable, I love the metallic glow of them. The lustre packaging seems a lot cheaper and not as visually appealing however all 3 shades are stunning. I’m impressed with all 3 and at £1.50 a pop it’s not bad. The main thing I think may let these down is staying power. 


The 2 highlighters are interesting. I’m used to a powdered highlighter rather than this jelly format and when I picked it up i fully expected it to be used quickly vs a pressed powder however a little of this beauty goes a long way. It blends in nicely so if you want to be blinding you either need to pack it on or be precise with where you blend it for optimum results.


I last minute picked up some illuminating drops. I’m not too keen on this packaging. It’s definitely more portable than the two jelly highlighters but it leaks a lot and I wouldn’t trust it in my bag.

Highlighter drops Desire

So that’s it for my first beauty trial! I have so many new products, especially big eye pallettes I want to review so wanted to ease my way into it. Let me know your thoughts and if you do beauty reviews (cruelty free & vegan please) drop your links below. I’d love to read them and get some inspiration!

The Autumn Tag 2019 | Blogtober 2019

What better way to kick off Blogtober than with the Autumn tag?!

What signifies the start of Autumn to you?

Reaching for the chunky sweater when I leave the house in the morning and the darker evenings.

What is your favourite Autumn scent?

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-06 at 11.19.47.jpeg


I’m not entirely sure because i’m more of a cotton clean than pumpkin spice kind of person, but I just got a range of Halloween candles appropriately named ‘Halloween’ so I will be lighting them up and seeing how they go.

For now this Crisp Morning Air Yankee Candle is my go-to, it’s really autumnal but in a fresh way rather than a heavy scent.

What is your favourite Autumn drink?

I’m so plain when it comes to drinks! Everyone’s reaching for their Pumpkin Spiced Lattes or Bonfire Hot Chocolates but for someone that finds milk repulsive I don’t even like many milk laden products that have milk substitutes. I have a Caffe Nero soya hot chocolate every week but apart from that i’m a black coffee kinda girl.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-06 at 11.25.08.jpeg

I have recently been trying so hard to cut caffeine out to get more natural energy and found this Glow tea from Twinings, one of these daily gives me a nice boost.

Strawberry and Cucumber Flavoured Herbal Infusion with Green Tea, Aloe Vera and added Biotin.

Biotin promotes healthy hair and nails and is a supplement I take daily anyway, it’s a really nice refreshing flavour, possibly more summery than autumnal but delicious either way.

What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Autumn?

The Good Place season 4, Drag Race UK, The Apprentice.

I don’t really have any autumnal themed ones here because I’m not great with horror, but I’m going to watch The Haunting of Hill house this year because I heard so many good things and do want to watch it!

What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?

Oversized jumpers, but that’s my go to everyday to be honest.

What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?

I am obsessed with finding new parks and nature reserves to walk around and regardless of the cold in the air they look so beautiful in Autumn, so I grab my coffee cup and have a nice stroll.

What is your favourite Autumn look come Autumnal weather?

So usually I am fond of mustard jumpers and various shades of oranges/reds around the eye which is perfect for Autumn however this year I’m going to try to opt for more purples and maroons to style myself a bit differently.


So that’s it for The Autumn Tag! 

Are you an Autumn person? I can’t lie it’s not my favourite season but i’m having fun with Blogtober! Let me know some of your answers in the comments below, i’d love to read them.

Pumpkin hunting and midnight edits


I can’t believe I’ve never carved a pumpkin….

One thing on my 101 in 1001 list is to carve a pumpkin! I can’t believe I’ve reached 27 and never done this. I don’t know what it is but visiting pumpkin patches feels oddly American to me. The red leaves falling off the trees, the orange pumpkins and mustard chunky knit sweaters all create a beautiful kaleidoscope that gets me into the Autumn spirits.

Pumpkins aren’t just good for carving either! I am obsessed with spiced pumpkin soup as the evenings draw in, but tonight I needed something a bit more substantial…


Screenshot (63).png

so opted for spicy tofu and vegetable bibimbap. Every single time I order this the chef looks puzzled. Bibimbap is traditionally rice with a variety of vegetables on top however I don’t particularly want rice so ask for the spicy tofu as the base then the vegetables on top. It’s absolutely delicious but clearly not the tradition they’re used to so I often get a few odd stares when I request it.

I have also tried to get back on the editing train. I’ve been doing a lot more editing at work so been a bit burnt out on it when I get home to focus on more but I have so much filmed and so many ideas that I just need to make that final push to get the content out. Editing yourself is always the worst part but I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

Have you ever carved pumpkins?

If so what’s your go-to design – spooky, realistic or cute?

The Beautiful World of Jackfruit pizza and Tumeric shots

autumn nights


10 hours of work really took it out of my today, 3 portable heaters and 12 cups of whatever hot drink was going still had me shaking in this weather. I began the drive home, fully intent on climbing into bed with a pizza and ended up driving to the gym for a quick swim, this allowed a bit of time for decompression, but these long days are starting to take a toll on my personal work. Especially as I am now thoroughly out of my 6.30am wake up routine because of the cold. I don’t particularly want to become a night person doing my excercise then as I enjoyed it waking me up in the morning and having an hour of study or reading before work, I’ll have to think of a way to combat this, or maybe some thermal leggings and suck it up attitude will be what I need. But for today a relaxing swim was enough, I made a rookie mistake today of not taking a towel and realised when it was too late, but I know now that won’t be a mistake I make again.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-04 at 13.30.30 (1)I stopped to grab some food and trialled this new vegan cauliflower base pizza from the No Dough Pizza Co. It had tomato, sweetcorn and jackfruit (albeit the Jackfruit was sparing, I think I counted two pieces) I don’t know what was wrong with me today beca

use I also put the pizza in the oven on the polystyrene board they come on! Fortunately I caught it just in time. I also had a side of butternut squash crinkle fries.

The pizza was delicious, I’d have appreciated more jackfruit and the base is not for everyone but overall I really enjoyed it and it’s a great healthy alternative that still hits those cravings.


WhatsApp Image 2019-10-04 at 13.30.30 (2)

The beautiful world of Jeffree Star was released today, Shane Dawsons latest documentary, and I was thoroughly excited for it. I’m obsessed with Shanes storytelling and his humour and although you can see how much time and effort goes into his videos now I really do miss a time when he uploaded more regularly. 

The first part of the series was great though and I cannot wait for more!


I finalised my day blitzing some health shots to ward off the flu. Lemon, Ginger and Tumeric are the only things you need for this powerful shot that packs a punch! They each have so many health benefits that only three ingredients for such reward is amazing.

Ginger – Immune booster and anti-inflammatory

Tumeric – Helps digestion and increases metabolism

Lemon – Citric acid dissolves toxins

I don’t have a juicer but managed to make them regardless and will probably cover these little beauties in their own dedicated post as they definitely warrant it!

How are you combatting the autumn months?

Are you taking part in Blogtober? If so leave your links below, I need some fresh reading.

Blogtober Day 2 on October 3rd?

It’s been a great start to Blogtober where I wrap up in the autumn nights and write blog posts then realise my internet at home has broken and I cannot actually post them, therefore my Blogtober is either going to be in a permanent state of one day behind or when it’s fixed I may post 2 days in one. We shall see.


WhatsApp Image 2019-10-03 at 14.34.20.jpeg

Motivation throughout September was dwindling, that was until I picked up this book for the final few chapters and this quote jumped off the page and made me realise I just need to finish projects. I definitely worry about failing far too much and the only true failure is not trying at all!

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-03 at 14.34.15

I feel like I haven’t worked on my 101 in 1001 list, I tried to get to London to see The Book of Mormon however caught the flu, I have however just bought tickets for Avenue Q next week, even though it’s not on the list pushing myself to go out and do things as a 27 year old newly single person living somewhere where my only friends are work colleagues is pretty damn important nowadays, and I definitely need to do more than Primark Hauls!

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-03 at 14.45.41

My favourite thing that’s been keeping me occupied at the moment is Yoga at my gym, we just got a new trainer who runs hour and a half sessions in really authentic Yoga rather than the more westernised lessons I am used to. It’s been great and I can’t wait to see how I progress!


How do you all keep motivated in Autumn/Winter cold? I am so used to waking up at 6.30, running and spending an hour or two tidying or doing housework and because my heating in my flat is awful I loose all motivation, so any tips would be appreciated!

I also desperately need an October read, possibly a horror themed book, so make sure you leave any and all suggestions in the comments below!


Caffeine Overload – October Goals

I don’t really know where this is going but welcome to Blogtober

October 1st falls on a Tuesday this year, so it’s my day off, and my days off usually consist of Primark bargains and reading in Caffe Nero, this Tuesday wasn’t much different.



I don’t know why but somehow free coffee was just radiating towards me today, I started the day with a trip to Ikea and before strolling around took a trip to the café for a coffee and a chapter of The subtle art of not giving a f*ck I’m determined to finish it this week as I haven’t read any of it in over a fortnight now and it’s actually really good, I just need to find time for it!

I usually pile my cart up high at Ikea but I can’t lie, my new local is not as good as any of the others i’ve been to. Their homeware and candle selection was poor and that’s always my favourite part.



Costa Coffee had an offer on today of free coffees at all of their express machines…I passed about 6… I decided to try drinks I wouldn’t usually go for such as caramel chocolate and gingerbread lattes, it’s safe to say there’s a reason I don’t usually opt for these, but they weren’t all bad, I just hate milk with a passion but the caramel chocolate was definitely the nicest.

a coffee fueled day offI then had my usual stop at Caffe Nero, it’s routine at this point on my day off, and their Soya Hot Chocolate is absolutely to die for! I managed to sneak in another chapter of reading here and spent a good portion of time actually planning Blogtober so I’m not just writing about the copious amounts of coffee and other hot drinks I have each day! I don’t usually get in the Autumn/Halloween spirit but somehow Blogtober has got me very excited for it and I am now on a mission to theme my home to Autumn decorations, so decorative pumpkins where are you hiding? Because I can only find cheap plastic ones, not the nice ones everyone else seems to get!


  • Get in the autumn spirit! Christmas spirit is around every year so why not make every season different. I’d love to decorate my flat and have different Autumn themes.
  • The Haunting of Hill House – I wanted to watch this last year but never got around to it and I’ve heard such good things so this is a must this month.
  • Read a horror book – I am thinking potentially The Shining, but I’d love to hear your suggestions! Maybe even a selection of shorts as I don’t have a lot of time these days. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.
  • Halloween Week – Watch a horror movie every night this week
  • Big Halloween Night Out – This month I am working towards a fun Halloween night out! I NEVER get into the Halloween spirit, never dress up, i’ll usually go out for drinks but it’s so half-assed that this year I am so focused on having fun and dressing up. Going all out this year!

What are your goals for October?

Do you blog? If so are you doing Blogtober and is it all planned or are you doing it impromptu? I’m definitely a mix of both as you can tell from this mess of a post.