Blogtober Day 2 on October 3rd?

It’s been a great start to Blogtober where I wrap up in the autumn nights and write blog posts then realise my internet at home has broken and I cannot actually post them, therefore my Blogtober is either going to be in a permanent state of one day behind or when it’s fixed I may post 2 days in one. We shall see.


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Motivation throughout September was dwindling, that was until I picked up this book for the final few chapters and this quote jumped off the page and made me realise I just need to finish projects. I definitely worry about failing far too much and the only true failure is not trying at all!

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I feel like I haven’t worked on my 101 in 1001 list, I tried to get to London to see The Book of Mormon however caught the flu, I have however just bought tickets for Avenue Q next week, even though it’s not on the list pushing myself to go out and do things as a 27 year old newly single person living somewhere where my only friends are work colleagues is pretty damn important nowadays, and I definitely need to do more than Primark Hauls!

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My favourite thing that’s been keeping me occupied at the moment is Yoga at my gym, we just got a new trainer who runs hour and a half sessions in really authentic Yoga rather than the more westernised lessons I am used to. It’s been great and I can’t wait to see how I progress!


How do you all keep motivated in Autumn/Winter cold? I am so used to waking up at 6.30, running and spending an hour or two tidying or doing housework and because my heating in my flat is awful I loose all motivation, so any tips would be appreciated!

I also desperately need an October read, possibly a horror themed book, so make sure you leave any and all suggestions in the comments below!


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