Lets get NUDE! – First product review

Group product shot

The nude Line in Primark is by no means new, but it’s something i walked past for many months without picking up. I finally decided to pick up some of the products for my first product review though. I’ve heard some pretty good things about it. I remember the brush set being compared to the Kim K brush set, I mainly opted for lip products and highlighters though. So let’s get started…


My favourite lip look is matte in a fairly nude with some dulled pink/ brown tone. My current everyday is makeup revolution Chauffeur, you can see how much I wear it by how little have left! So it’s pretty apparent I need a new one.

Lip Souffle group product shot

I picked up 3 lip souffle’s and 3 lipsticks, lets start with the souffles. From left to right they are Heatrbreaker, Hustle and Devoted.

Lip Souffle test
Hustle, Devoted & Heartbreaker in action.

There are 3 distinct colours so they work well for a nude line for different skintones. When I tested them the product came out thick and creamy and was hard to budge once it dried which gives me hope that you’d not need to keep reapplying through the day or worry about smears.

I think my personal favourite is hustle, followed by devoted which isn’t a usual colour i’d go for but it swatched nicely. Heartbreaker is far too bright for me for a nude lip, i’m not too sure about the colour in general, maybe paired with a nice gloss over it but first impressions it’s my least favourite. These each retail for £2 which is incredibly cheap for something with the initial longevity that I can see here.

Lipsticks group shot

Latte, Swoon, Everlasting.

Moving to the lipsticks I got 2 from the nudes range and one from the lustre range, the packaging for the 2 from the nude range are adorable, I love the metallic glow of them. The lustre packaging seems a lot cheaper and not as visually appealing however all 3 shades are stunning. I’m impressed with all 3 and at £1.50 a pop it’s not bad. The main thing I think may let these down is staying power. 


The 2 highlighters are interesting. I’m used to a powdered highlighter rather than this jelly format and when I picked it up i fully expected it to be used quickly vs a pressed powder however a little of this beauty goes a long way. It blends in nicely so if you want to be blinding you either need to pack it on or be precise with where you blend it for optimum results.


I last minute picked up some illuminating drops. I’m not too keen on this packaging. It’s definitely more portable than the two jelly highlighters but it leaks a lot and I wouldn’t trust it in my bag.

Highlighter drops Desire

So that’s it for my first beauty trial! I have so many new products, especially big eye pallettes I want to review so wanted to ease my way into it. Let me know your thoughts and if you do beauty reviews (cruelty free & vegan please) drop your links below. I’d love to read them and get some inspiration!

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