Puppets Everywhere

‘only for now’

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I am making good progress with just one of the things from my 101 in 1001 list. I managed to learn and memorise all of the Katakana within an hour today over my weekly coffee thanks to Tofugu’s mnemonics list! I completely underestimated mnemonics and expected to learn just by repetition and flashcards but that association with the most bizarre things (hello ‘na‘whals, ‘fu‘nny looking owls and ‘ho‘ly crosses) I locked it down in no time!

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After my revision and caffeine session I headed to Woking ready to see Avenue Q! I’d not been to Woking before so headed down early to have a browse around the shops. I can’t believe we’re at the beginning of October and everywhere is festive already! I mean, the Yankee Candle store is adorable but it’s not even been Halloween yet.


I didn’t realise the cultural quarter of Woking, there were a lot of references to playwrights and musical theatre dotted throughout the city, but not a lot to do. The shops were dated but there was a lot of construction going on so it seems like big things are planned.

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This statuette reminded me of Jenna Marbles’ ‘I wanna be tall‘ so even though the statue petrified me I loved it just for that.





I ended up waiting around for a while so decided to head to a British classic – Spoons. They’ve released a vegan burger which I opted for and it wasn’t bad for cheap and cheerful pub grub. It was a bit dry but nicer than their vegetable burger. I still had an hour to kill so grabbed a coffee and planned my week.



Hindsight is a great thing, foresight is better when you’re pretty sure it’s going to rain so pack an umbrella then leave it in the car. I’d done just that today, and low and behold leaving the pub it poured it down, and the directions to the theatre were not clear…

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 14.18.38 (3)I fully expected the theatre to be some small back alley auditorium so rocking up in a hoodie, jeans and trainers with a backpack full of shopping made me stand out like a sore thumb amongst the dressed to the nines guests and the lounge piano player.

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I managed to get a great seat because I bought a solo ticket. Of course the loudest audience member was sat directly behind me however I swapped seats at intermission and the second half was much more enjoyable.

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The show was great, I was actually shocked how many songs I recognised! Obviously The Internet is for Porn is a classic but other ones I recognised from reference but didn’t know where they were from, I thoroughly recommend a viewing of it! I got over my fear of doing things solo and I’ll be saving up for a trip to London to see Book of Mormon next month!

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