October Recap – FALL-ing out of sync

Blogtober was a bit of a bust, life gets hectic sometimes, but rather than dwelling on what I haven’t achieved lets focus on what I have!


So basically to sum-up where I left off …

Pink hur

I felt like a change. I have wanted to go fully pastel pink for a while now, but couldn’t due to working with corporate clients. I was aiming to do it over summer then dark with teal or silver at the bottom over winter, but I couldn’t wait another 8 months so decided to trial pastel pink, I’m sure you can tell the results were….questionable.

pastel is a lie.png

Told you.


The absolute highlight of the month was a visit from my mum! I haven’t seen any family or friends in 2 months now!! So this was well needed and we filled our weekend with shopping, treats and the cinema.

It was a short but sweet visit where she arrived Saturday and we had a trip to Ikea, Mum decided to start stocking up for Christmas and their selection of Christmas cookies were to die for.


She helped me organise some of my household items and get some paperwork in check, sounds boring but sometimes it’s needed and it’s always better to have a little bit of motivation.

As a reward for sorting everything out we went for a quick coffee- I had a bonfire themed hot chocolate and scone.

Pottery Art Photo Collage (1).png

In the evening we had an amazing meal with my bosses, it was really nice to introduce my mum to them as it was like my real family meeting my work family. They both hear me talk to them about each other till i’m blue in the face, and they’re vastly different so it was a coinflip on if they’d gel, and they did, and I couldn’t be happier.

We went to one of my favourite restaurants here, a Thai restaurant. I opted for the Vegetable Thai green curry whilst she chose sweet and sour and she took my recommendation of sharing their best dessert – The Wonder Ball! Vanilla icecream wrapped in a pancake, deep fried and served with caramel sauce and cream.




Sunday  we headed to a local garden centre that was recommended to me for breakfast. Selfies inbound and after a turbulent few months my mum took the perfect photo to represent moving on and moving up!




We headed to Basingstoke for a day of browsing the stores and copious amounts of coffee.

We decided to lunch at Pizza Hut. I’m not going to lie I usually eat there and leave feeling disappointed, it’s not terrible but there’s just better places. We opted for 2 vegan pizzas, one spicy and one jackfruit. They were delicious but I asked for 2 thin and they bought one deep pan, slightly disappointed. I treat us to a dessert and I had the vegan cinnamon rolls and made a quick dash to the ice-cream bar when the waitress wasn’t looking to add lots of candy toppings! My mum chose the cookie dough with ice-cream.

To finish the night we went to the cinema to see Hustlers. I love that it was recommended to me by a friend at work and as we were waiting I text her to say ‘off to see hustlers with the mother, hope it’s appropriate’ and the response I got was ‘ASGHSD ITS DEFINITELY NOT’ but we were laughing throughout and both thoroughly enjoyed it! Plus every seat was a luxury recliner with a table for snacks. All in all a great experience!

We also bought Tango Iceblasts and pick n mix, my mum had never had tango iceblasts before and I joked about how expensive they are but worth it and told her it came to £11 for them and she genuinely thought they were £11 each!

Monday was bitter-sweet. We went to Frankie and Bennies and I tried the Vegan breakfast. The tofu and avocado scramble was amazing! Something I’ll definitely be trying to replicate at home!


I had some important work to get done that I’d just been struggling to wrap my head around so I took my mum to a cafe, we grabbed coffee and a slice of cake and she gave me a second opinion. After that I had to drop her at the station and head to work. It was a great weekend and just what I needed to tide over time till the next visit.

The rest of October flew by. I got into the Fall spirit with themed candles and coffee.

Screenshot_20191016_122939_com.instagram.androidOctober really is the season of sugar and candy despite what people say about it being Christmas. I became obsessed with Reeces peanut butter pumpkins and now have a sugar habit to curb.





It was tough motivating myself for those cold morning runs so I found myself slipping into a midnight run routine. I binged the entirety of the podcast Potterless on these runs, weirdly podcasts keep me running just as much as music and are still great entertainment. I have a few leads on new ones to try but will take any recommendations!

Halloween was a bit of a bust. I tried to get this Pumpkin pasta to get into the spirit but it had squid in it to make it black so I didn’t bother.

The work staff organised a night out and half the office got sick and had to pull out. So a grand total of 3 of us ventured to the local club and got kicked out before we even reached the door because one of us was wearing a cap facing backwards even though other people in costumes were wearing hats covering their faces completely.

Pretty sure the bouncer just wanted to get rid of us to free up a booth so I ended up being designated driver to Guildford.


And that’s the end of my October journey. all in all pretty miserable because I did a terrible job adapting to the weather but now I’m settled in I feel pretty positive about the upcoming months. I have a lot planned now rather than literally chilling at home (my heating’s broken and it is freezing!). I’m still not sure how I feel about Christmas songs being played at work on the 1st November but one of my staff did buy me a candy cane to try and get me in the mood aka a bribe to stop me shouting ‘IM SO DONE WITH CHRISTMAS SONGS’ every time I walk through the production office.


How was your October? Do you miss Summer or are you ready for Christmas already? Let me know in the comments below





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