Good people make bad decisions.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you have no way of getting past it without hurting someone along the way.

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When you are in a relationship you naturally come to take on different personality traits to compensate, you may skip a night out because your partner has had a long day at work, you may choose to watch a drama even though you want to watch a comedy. Even the littlest things take away from who you are as a person and sometimes that’s OK. But sometimes it’s not.

This year shone a light on the fact my life isn’t anywhere where I want it to be, I don’t have anyone to blame for that, but it is me, and only me, that will be able to change it.

Turns out I went on a few dates with 2 people that happen to be friends, and that sucks. I was pretty blunt about the fact I didn’t want to rush into anything and was very non-committal. It’s not that I was just dating anyone who asked, it just happened to be a very awkward situation that I never expected myself to be in. I feel like things were pretty casual but somehow we were all rushed into making a decision on how we move forward, and for people who have only been on 2 or 3 dates it really isn’t enough to be making any kind of decision for someone who spends 10 minutes looking at a menu deciding if they want fajitas or a salad.

The problem is i’m not necessarily in any kind of position to be making ‘demands’ or saying I want to continue with both to see where it goes because I would feel the exact same if someone was dating one of my friends too, and honestly a part of me was ready to just walk away from this so there was no bad blood between them, but I also don’t think I intentionally did anything wrong. Good people make bad decisions.

I made a decision, and that’s that. Life sucks sometimes, but also there’s so many good people in the world and as cliché as it sounds everyone in this situation deserves to be happy. I’ll be disappointed if I loose a friend here, but I also understand if I do, and that’s just something I’ll have to deal with.

I Pho-King Escaped – Escape room -101 in 1001 [2]

Garfield hates Mondays, but really, the worst day of the week is Sunday! Everything closes early, anything that is open is busy, and it’s not like I can enjoy it anyway as I work. But when I finish at 5 I don’t want to go home. I want to escape. So that’s why this week I booked an Escape room to keep me occupied!


Let’s start at the beginning shall we….


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I’ve always referred to Reading as a shithole…..I may have been wrong. The Christmas market is out and the choice of restaurants and bars along the canal are amazing. There’s so much going on here and it’s not far from where I live at all.

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They had this cute Jager bar that is a beach bar in summer and aprés themed bar in winter. There’s even little pods you can sit in. I didn’t have time to visit today but I’ll be heading back soon. Seeing all of the Christmas lights and preparation really got me into the festive spirit. Something I am usually dead against in November. As I have mentioned multiple times I HATE the cold! But getting cosy in wooden cabins next to a log fire is definitely something I can get behind.

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My plan for the night was lunch and the escape room, so I headed through The Oracle to the main set of bars and restaurants.

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I saw the restaurant Pho in Brighton and really wanted to try it so when I saw one in Reading I knew it would be the choice for the evening! I’d not eaten Vietnamese food before in particular but I know I love Eastern dishes and flavours.

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I opted for the spicy tofu dish. I’d been warned their spice is very spicy but it really wasnt. Still delicious! The plate to the left allows you to customise the dish how you want, so you can add as much crunch (beansprouts) spice (chilli) and a variety of herbs as you like to your flavour palette. I thought it was really interesting to eat this way and the food was delicious and you could tell it was authentically cooked and fresh. I wish there was more vegetables and tofu over the noodles as they were very prominent, but it was so tasty.

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I mean I haven’t been to Vietnam but it seemed really authentic both in decor, food and the general customs.


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For dessert I had fried bananas and mango sorbet. I love bananas but wasn’t sure i’d like them fried. I think they were a bit too doughy for me but the sorbet was delicious.



It was then time to escape…

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For obvious reasons they don’t allow you to take photo’s inside the game however I have to say I absolutely smashed it! When I was driving there I really thought I was going to be awful and started to get a bit anxious. The game master was great, he talked us through what was going to happen and most importantly got into character to set the scene.

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Like I said there was a variety of games to choose from and I chose The Last Vikings (it was a toss-up between that and Alice in Wonderland which I’d love to do next!) I won’t spoil it for you but the premise is that you are vikings trapped in a village about to be ransacked by ice giants and you have to prove your worth to the Norse Gods in time for them to grant you help.


We managed to escape in 57 minutes but (and I promise I’m not just saying this to make myself feel better) we solved a puzzle and then was stuck for a long time and tried different options. At the end a new game master came to get us and I’m pretty confident that the employees changed over at that time we solved it, so even though we might not have placed on the leaderboard we still escaped and definitely did it faster!

After escaping we headed to Brewdog for a catch-up. I’ve not been to Brewdog before and the board of drinks was pretty intimidating when I usually just order whatever larger is going but was recommended the Lost Larger, and next time I’m going to brave the molotov cocktail.

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That pretty much wrapped a Sunday night up perfectly. I loved doing the escape room and will definitely be going back, and I went past so many other places in Reading that I wouldn’t have ever known about if I kept saying to myself that Reading was awful from one impression a few years ago.

Have you ever done an Escape room?

Do you think you’d be able to escape?

Let me know in the comments below!