Gone in 50 seconds – 101 in 1001 [3]

My day off this week was jam-packed with great food, great activities, great company and one massive hangover!

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I spent 8 months of this year sober. It wasn’t massively intentional, I just didn’t feel like drinking, and I’ve spent the latter half of this year using intuition as my best friend. Since I’ve been going out and doing a lot more recently though I have replaced a few of my essential smoothies for more beers in hand instead.


For someone whose alcohol tolerance has plummeted and only ate a punnet of blueberries all day though, maybe 8 pints was a bad idea. I mean, it was an eventful night, but the next day….

I woke up pretty early and realised I’d lost my glasses and didn’t have contacts. Great start. After solving my blindness I headed to a pretty cute greasy spoon for breakfast and then randomly ended up in Ikea for another slice of their infamous Diam bar cake!

I already knew Go-Karting was on the cards today, so why on earth I felt it was appropriate to drink that much last night is beyond me. But it happened, so I dealt with it.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-08 at 14.17.40 (4).jpegI think I’m a pretty good driver, but Go-Karting is completely different. They’re electric and the lap was freezing so lots of skidding ensued. I had 3 x 15 minute sessions, the first was abysmal. I came 7th out of 8 and not to add to the stereotype of women drivers but we were the worst two. The second I did a lot better! I shaved my average down from 63 seconds to 52. Pretty impressed with that. The third I’d found my stride, My average was about 51 so not too different from 52 but showed that consistency. I’m pretty excited to go again and see if I can get under 50! I think without the worry of other drivers around I could easily do it.


The day was a bit intense, lots of outside drama. I’m not sure why 2019 feels the need to barrel non-stop drama at someone who usually hides away anytime voices start to be raised but hey, what you gonna do but face it. I had an amazing time regardless and it just shows that I need to focus on switching off.

To finish the day we just needed to decide what to eat. We couldn’t. Shockingly there’s an answer for that though! Cosmo’s in Reading is a massive buffet of every type of cuisine around the world, I’d been to similar buffets before – Red Hot in Leeds and Taybarns in Sunderland & Sheffield, but neither compared to Cosmos! The food was so fresh and delicious. My favourite food is Mexican or Asian and these did not dissappoint, the pizza was also so good!

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Their dessert bar was pretty intense! I was so disappointed they were out of Churros but I honestly don’t know if I could have had anymore.


This post was originally written beginning of December 2019, awful lot of catching up to do so i’m throwing it out a month late and probably unfinished. Big things are planned for 2020 and I can’t keep working tirelessly on trying for perfection.