SHRINE on – Feeling Aquatic in isolation

Day one of social isolation – dying my hair like i’m 10 years younger.

Screenshot (14)Today, after a weekend up North I arrived at work and found it an abandoned ghost town, it seemed I was left out of the loop that everyone is now working from home. So whilst waiting for my work brief to come through I decided to test out a brand new product recommended to me by my best friend at home – Shrine Drop It Hair Drops. I chose something I’d always wanted – aqua, and Sarah chose pink. I always wanted dark hair with aqua at the bottom for winter then pink hair for summer, and even though today feels like the sunniest day in a long time I just had to try it.

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What’s in the box?

20ml Hair Drops – 200 drops per bottle

1 X silicone bowl

1X silicone mixer and brush

1 X instruction manual



The only things not included are gloves (due to the fact they advertise no single use plastic I presume) this should probably not be taken lightly as I now look like I’ve got permanent pneumonia in my left hand, but as it’s semi-permanent it should come out quickly.

The main selling points of this brand is the lifestyle associated with it. They rave about being vegan and cruelty free and I’m all for that! They also have a wide range of vibrant colours. Regardless of if I’m testing or not I never usually go for semi-permanent as I see it as a bit of a waste. The RRP of this product is £16.99 and I got it half price, it states it lasts 3-12 washes, I doubt I’d spend the full amount for that short amount of time usually, but it seems good for a night out or event.


So let’s get into the review.

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Initial impressions 

I knew straight away I wanted an ombre effect, so as instructed I took any white conditioner and filled the bowl, as I didn’t want a whole head of hair I filled it halfway and proceeded to add what I thought was 20 drops of the product. It’s quite goopy so it’s tough to tell what a whole drop is. Halving the quantity of conditioner I probably should’ve halved the amount of drops but I wanted it to be very vibrant even though it was already on pre-lightened hair. The box states there is 200 drops which can be up to 30 applications. It’s hard to tell but I feel like i’ve gone through half the bottle already. Hopefully that’s not the case!

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The Application

After mixing I very soon got rid of the mixing brush and went straight to hands to get a thorough application. This is where I realised not taking their advice of using gloves was a bad decision. Other than that it was incredibly smooth and easy to apply.

I decided to mix it with an intensive colour conditioner from a previous hairdye kit in hopes it negates any dryness or damage from the dye (my hair is renowned for being dry and strawlike at the best of times so I don’t need any help there)

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The Results

Ok, so firstly, I feel like I need to disclaim that it’s a bit patchy because I forgot to brush it through, but in saying that, it doesn’t clearly state that on the leaflet, my friends who regularly dye their hair told me to when I said about it being patchy. Overall I love the colour! It’s pretty phenomenal, I kind of want to just do my whole head now so it goes from dark to light, so watch this space.

The one problem with my application is (and this happens everytime I dye my hair and I never learn) I ALWAYS go heavy with application underneath and not on top, so from behind the colour is quite low and you can still see parts of the blonde. Nothing a good top-up won’t fix but that’s my mistake.

For dying, my hair feels incredibly smooth after, I love that you can just mix this with any white conditioner. Like I said, I used an intensive care one from a superdrug hairdye kit and I dont know if it was that or just the lack of harshness in the dye that resulted in such smooth results but i’m very impressed

I really hope it lasts towards the 12 washes, and with the amount of drops I used i’m hoping that helps. I think this is a great way to test colours before making a permanent plunge or even for a special occassion. I’m so tempted by a peach next, but I don’t know when that will be as i’ve pretty much immediately fallen in love with this colour, and for a girl that’s not really into commitment I see myself spending the forseeable future with this colour.


Pros                                                                                        Cons

Vegan and cruelty free                                                        Price-tag £16.99 RRP

No single use plastic                                                            Consistency is hard to tell drop ratio

Easy to use                                                                             Possibility of it leaving in 3 washes

Mix with any white conditioner

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Final thoughts

I’d definitely buy this again! I love the colour, I love the concept and brand, and i’m all for supporting anything cruelty free and vegan!

The pricetag is a big higher than i’d usually pay for at home dye (especially semi-permanent). I’d look more towards the £10 mark, but in saying that, I got it half price, it was well worth the £8.50, and hopefully to reduce waste I’ll be able to just buy the drops next time and not the bowl and brush, therefore making it both cost-efficient and incredibly effective.

God knows what else I will resort to to keep myself occupied over the coming weeks if I couldn’t even stand one day alone but I hope everyone is staying safe and focusing on their health in these times ❤