The Lockdown Tag – How I’ve spent my time.

I was doing some Sunday morning blog spotting (as you do) and came across this tag created by LuxuryBlush and just had to take part! When I do my long weeks at work I struggle to find time to really get stuck into blog writing which is a shame so going forward i’m going to write more on my short weeks (my long and short weeks alternate so it isn’t too bad!) and schedule them so i’m not missing out. But I think tags are a great way to get to know someone!

So lets jump right into it…

1 . Come On, Own up… Did You Stock Pile Anything?

I don’t even go shopping regularly outside of quarantine so no, I didn’t have the foresight to prepare even a week in advance nevermind for quarantine. I managed to save a lot during lockdown but these past few weeks I have splurged on a few clothing and beauty treats.

2. Have You Discovered a New Hobby?

I have rediscovered a hobby of gaming! I’ve always loved gaming but over the past year when it has taken up so much of my work life it was the last thing I wanted to do when I went home but now I have that seperation I have gone back to it and am finally playing some games I’ve had sitting on my shelf for years! I started with Animal Crossing and I’m currently addicted to The Last of Us and have been playing GTA5 with friends.

3. Where is the First Place You Will Go Once the Restrictions are 100% Lifted? 

To see all of my family and friends back home! I don’t live close to them at all and cannot wait to see them. It sucks that I started my 101 in 1001 list late last year because I really started to push myself out there and discover new places, people and activities and then this happened. So I will probably pick something random off of that and do that as soon as I can.

4. Loungewear or Normal Clothes For A Day of Isolating?

Leggings and a tee. I have found though that if i’m in pyjama type clothes or don’t do my hair and makeup for a while I start to feel worse mentally so I try to have just one or two fully relaxed days a week.

5. Have You Been Wearing Makeup Whilst Staying at Home?

Luckily I’ve been working throughout June so have been doing makeup for work. When I’ve been at home I’ve been polar opposite of either keeping it off completely or trying out hidden gems i’ve had stuck on my makeup desk for a while and not gotten around to.

6. How Many Zoom Quizzes Have You Done? And Importantly, Did You Enjoy Them?

No Zoom quizzes for me! Me and my friends did try houseparty but quickly moved to Skype and did online Cards against Humanity. We also managed to hook up JackBox and played everyones favourite Quiplash (CAH but you make your own answers up basically)

7. Did You Give into the Hype and Bake Your Own Banana Bread?

Due to my lack of general supplies no, I wanted to do a post on trying all of the Lockdown trends in one day but I moved jobs then and that took priority and I think I’ve missed the boat on that one now?

8. Were You Still Ordering Takeaways? If You Did, What Was Your First One?

Yes! I actually did this out of support for local businesses and got a few takeaways from GoEatClean who do healthy but delicious food! I also had a curry for my birthday meal.

9. Has Your Blog/ Instagram Content Had to Change Since Lockdown?

Yes, My instagram was a lot more travel/experience related before and rather than adapting I kind of neglected it which is a shame but I think i’m still trying to find my unique style for it.

10. Are You Waiting Until the Hairdressers Re-Open or Have you Cut/ Dyed your Own Hair?

Literally the first day I was sent home from work I dyed my hair teal to test out Shrine After that I bleached the ends again and frankly did an awful job for someone who regularly dyes their hair. My next is either candyfloss pink or peach ends. I also caved and cut my hair along with a friends in my “bubble” but I usually cut my fringe myself so I don’t think it was too bad.

11. Who Have You Missed Seeing The Most?

Easily my mum! She works in the NHS and has had a tough time, she’s alone and has also had to work with covid positive patients and it’s been a scary time for her. She is amazing and I cannot wait to see her and surprise her with a spa day to say thank you.

So there we go! Lockdown tag is complete! How did you cope throughout lockdown? Let me know the one thing you missed and the first thing you’ll be doing in the comments below!

23 thoughts on “The Lockdown Tag – How I’ve spent my time.

  1. Elsie LMC says:

    This was such a fun read! My sister and I are obsessed with The Last of Us too, its amazing! I’m coping well within lockdown considering everything 😂 What I’m looking forward to the most is when it’s fully safe to go to hotels so that I can book a getaway for my mum as that was the plan but it had to be called off, she’d love it! Great post ✨💕


      • Elsie LMC says:

        We wouldn’t go far from home as don’t want my dad to get lost after dropping us off 😂 This would be our first time staying at a hotel together and she deserves a treat so would try and fit in everything the place has to offer and make the most of it ✨😄


  2. hanmorris97 says:

    Thank you for doing the tag! I loved reading your answers. I totally agree with you on gaming, I’ve been into Animal Crossing lately and trying to convince my boyfriend to let me use his playstation so I can play games that aren’t Nintendo. The Last of Us seems like such an amazing game. Playing Jackbox TV is such an amazing idea, I love their games; they are so much fun. Thank you again xx

    Hannah |


  3. Corinne says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience during lockdown. It has been tough, hasn’t it? I’ve been baking a lot because my favourite cake shop has been shut. But I’ve always loved baking even before the pandemic. When the restrictions are lifted, I might go and see my family interstate.


  4. Castlesandturrets says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with lockdown! I loved reading your answers and felt myself nodding my head to a few of them as my answers would be pretty similar. I’ve been working from home now instead of going into the office though and I’ve been rocking the no make-up look haha! Love having more free time as I’ve been going out for so many walks and bike rides. It’s been a lot of fun. It’ll be interesting to see what it’s like when I have to come back to the office though. Great post, thanks for sharing x


    • OhSoViki says:

      Working from home was tough for me to separate work and personal but you’re right having time for long walks is incredible! Something I do regularly anyway but cannot wait to go do it on some new routes


  5. kindcultureuk says:

    I’ve been the same in terms of makeup too. I either am completely makeup free for days, or I’ve been trying out the stuff that I barely use. And please give my love and regards to your amazing mum ❤️My best friend is a nurse too, and I’ve been so stressed out with the pandemic. I can’t imagine how anxious you must of been for her. xx


  6. sunsetsbooksandwine says:

    I love this thank you for sharing! It’s definitely been crazy times and I’ve related to a few of your answers! I’m misty looking forward to proper nights with family and a holiday!


  7. Liz Hartley says:

    This tag is such a fun idea! You are so bold dying your hair a bright colour like that I would have to have someone to help me! I have finally made an appointment I cant wait to get mine done! x


  8. Helen's Journey says:

    I enjoyed this tag to get to know you more, thanks. I respect peoples bravery that tries dying their own hair. I chickened out and have dark roots against my last hairdresser blonde that is growing out! Haha. The joys of lockdown… 😉 Helen


  9. loveemblogger says:

    This is a fun tag – I loved getting to know you more! I have also found a new hobby in gaming. It actually is what me and my boyfriend do for date night as we don’t live together. Sadly, I gave into the banana bread trend….I even wrote a blog post about it…..

    Em |


  10. Hairstyles says:

    I’ve observed that in the world today, video games would be the latest trend with kids of all ages. There are times when it may be unattainable to drag your family away from the video games. If you want the best of both worlds, there are several educational games for kids. Thanks for your post.


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