Early bird or Night Owl – Finding a productive routine.

6am. The Summer Sun is shining and you have a solid 3 hours to yourself before you even have to consider getting ready for work. Beautiful right? 2019 summer was my most productive lifestyle regime ever and I am eager to get back to that!

I have gone through a lot of different routines since then, furiously trying to find something that fits. From working late nights, to being unmotivated through winter to my current 12 hour shift pattern and have to say my most fulfilling work/life balance is my current one, but my personal regime fitting around these shifts AND being consistent is the issue. Starting work at 6am with a half hour drive leaves little time for me to achieve anything in the morning if I value a good nights sleep and night-time is out of the window if I want to be consistent as I see friends or do things on my day off.

So if I can’t settle then why do I need a routine?

The ‘college triangle’ adapted for my 28 year old self. But can you really only have two?

I set myself a lot of goals. When I see them coming to fruition I have such a sense of satisfaction, when I don’t I tend to beat myself up about it. Goal setting and personal development is important to me and achieving these only tends to come with a routine where I can separate personal goals, professional goals and time to relax.

My routine varies seasonally and it has to be said that summer is by and far my favourite season. It’s easy to wake up, it’s great to exercise and I generally need less sleep as I tend to wake with the sunrise, therefore everything I want to achieve for personal development can be done, I then go to work and still have time to socialise in the evenings.

Winter on the other hand… I sleep around 2am, but can’t focus on anything productive after a long day so end up playing games and watching Netflix. It’s way too cold to exercise outside and as much as (I must be the only person to think this) I hate a lay-in, I hate the cold more, and my flat is cold!

So why can’t I have the best of both worlds?

My August goal is to figure out my schedule. Something that works with my work/life balance and allows me to still feel satisfied that I have time for personal development. I need something that gives me motivation to do these after 12 hour workday, or miraculously be able to fit them in before work. Am I overstretching myself? Or just not prioritising the right things?

How do I achieve these?

Law of Attraction Planner layout.

I love planning, but I need a way to make sure I see these through. I will be trialling the Law of Attraction planner dubbed the most effective way to manifest positivity and change your life. Think £30 is too much for a diary? I’ll be reviewing it right here so you can decide for yourself and see if it truly can help.

I will also be spending time on Sunday evenings planning out my week, reinstating my 3 little things and separating the different aspects of my life so I can dedicate time to everything that will help me achieve my goals!

I have given myself a month to figure this out, and it truly needs to be something that I can work with both seasons as we will be moving into autumn and I am determined to not fall off track this winter.

So lets see how we get on…

Are you an early bird or night owl?

Do you have a set routine throughout the year or change it up?

Most importantly, do you have any tips for me?

Let me know below (by doing so you’ll be entered into my August Giveaway!) and be sure to check back and see how i’m getting on.

12 thoughts on “Early bird or Night Owl – Finding a productive routine.

  1. Em and Jess says:

    Personally I think it can be quite difficult to set a routine and stick to it long-term, although some parts of my routine occasionally change, my sleep time always stays the same. I always make sure I’m in bed by about 10pm so I can get up and going the next day! Thanks for sharing


  2. Arreta🌺 says:

    Lovely post Viki😊. Well I’m a bit of both because I go to bed late (the night owl) but then I wake up by as early as 5 in the morning😩😩. I’d say that you need to at least have a plan for your day so you don’t get sidetracked


  3. Abundance of Flavor says:

    I have always been an early bird 🙂 I am so productive in the mornings and have really loved working from home during lockdown because I can spend time that was dedicated to commuting and getting ready for work, and now do yoga, exercise, read, clean, whatever I’d like! It’s so refreshing to have time for work and for myself


  4. kalliopechasing says:

    I’m so excited for you.
    I’m actually trying to use August to figure out my schedule as well. It’s so difficult. My biggest problem is consistency. I wish I had some tips for you. I feel like I’ll be back to see if you have any tips for me though.
    Thanks for sharing!


  5. bricuzisaidso says:

    I’ve been very fortunate to be both an early bird and a night owl!! Working two jobs, working to create my own business, and genuinely being excited for life has definitely made it easy. Every once in a while before I hit a burn out, I spend a few extra moments in bed either in the morning or at night and always always put self care before anything.
    Great post, I definitely feel for the people who have to choose between the two!!
    xo Bri


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