Time to take 15 – Cruelty free & vegan Christmas gift review

Fearne Cottons very recognisable ‘happy place’ brand is all about the ultimate relaxation at home and for your day-to-day life. Each year she releases a select line for some wonderful Christmas present ideas and also a nice treat for yourself.

This year she has released a ‘time to take 15’ gift set which features 2 key products from her three ranges and 2 ‘items’ all neatly packaged in a beautiful reusable tin with her signature artwork.

The first thing I noted when opening it is the overwhelming scent. For me it’s a bit too much and would give me a headache – like the way a brand new car air freshener does if you don’t let it breathe first – but I think that’s down to it being tightly packaged, at least it shows the products have a high concentration to them! It’s beautifully presented overall though and even though you know what you’re getting inside there’s still a childish element of surprise digging through the packaging to find your treats!

Time to take 15 initial impressions and Christmas giftability

Packaging Love this! It really stands out on the shelf and is incredibly brand conscious. You can tell what you’re buying into just by looking at the presentation and design.

There is an emphasis on eco-friendly packaging, a good percentage is made from recycled materials but it is not clear if they, in turn, can be recycled, glass bottles would be better and frankly for the £45 rrp you wouldn’t expect it to raise costs. Potentially the plastic packaging inside is to keep it safer in transit.

Contents and products Really varied and a great way to trial new things I wouldn’t usually have like pillow mist and a dry body oil. Products are definitely high quality and the silk eye mask feels so luxurious. I was personally worried the calm bar was bath salts as not everyone has a bath and as much as everyone thinks baths are calming they just aren’t for me. I think the bar is a lot more universally friendly.

The product descriptions are incredibly vague and don’t really showcase the power of the products, luckily I know how to get the best use of them but a little leaflet inside with a bit more of a description for anyone who would like it wouldn’t go amiss.

The Lifestyle This bundle’s best seller is that it really does try to make self care easy, it’s marketed on a 15 minute ‘take 15’ which puts you first. There’s so many products in here to round off your whole day in a relaxing way, so many people light candles and put on a moisturiser before bed and that’s a quick, daily relax, but there’s so much more to it than that, and your body deserves this time off.

All products from this brand are Cruelty free and Vegan so there’s no nasties and you know you can truly take 15 with no worries.


The Ranges…

Calm – Jasmine and Vanilla scents in a body oil and cleansing bar. These are the least powerful fragrances in the set which truly allows you to relax and calm down without getting distracted. The cleansing bar is a great way to introduce a zero-waste cleanser into your routine and a dry body oil sounds like a juxtaposition so wouldn’t be something i’d ever pick up just off the shelf, one of the reasons I love these bundles as it lets you trial new products.

Sleep – Lavendar and Chamomile scents in a multi-balm and pillow mist. Lavendar is everyones go-to product to induce sleep. Personally it is not a favourite fragrance of mine but it undoubtably does make you drift off which is the entire purpose of this range. It is not an overpowering scent so lulls you to sleep and is a good inbetween for someone like me who doesn’t like Lavendar but wants the benefits of it. The pillow mist definitely needs to be used from a distance and a little goes a long way, personally I won’t be using it on the pillow I put my face on as I’m very picky with what touches my face but putting it on the pillow next to me may have the same benefits. The multi-balm is genious and everyone needs one of these in their handbag or bedside table.

Energise – Lemon and Bergamot scents in a body butter and room mist. These are some of my favourite scents, I love citrus and I know I pick up anything with bergamot listed for my mum! These however smell quite like Christmas spices. It’s definitely not what I expected from the range. I do love the scent but it really dates them and I would only use them this season rather than into summer. If I were to get this as a gift I’d use the body butter straight away and the room mist would last so long it would probably see me into next Christmas as I’d choose something more fresh over summer, the life on the product would allow this though so theres no worries there!

Overall I’m so impressed with this! I would love it for myself and could see it being incredibly giftable this season, I know my mum would love it!

Have you tried the Fearne Cotton Happy Place Range?

What would you pick up first from this kit?

Keep an eye out for more Christmas gift posts on their way including my most anticipated post of the year – my local gift guide to support independent creators!

THE FACTS – Fearne Cottons range is available online and in-store. I purchased this at Boots RRP is £45 currently on offer for £22. Boots also offer student discount which would bring this to £19.80. 6 beauty products, 2 useful products and a lovely packaging that you can reuse for under £20, that’s a steal in my book!

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