Cruelty-Free & Vegan Beauty that flawlessly doesn’t break the bank! – Body Collection England

There are some places that I would never expect to visit to get a new fix of cruelty-free, vegan beauty that doesn’t break the bank, Wilko’s is definitely one of them, but last summer at the peak of lockdown I discovered a brand called Body Collection England, a homegrown vegan and cruelty free makeup brand that averages £2-4 for everyday makeup essentials (currently on 3 for 2 as well!)

Stepping in I was worried that it would only be certain branches that have this, Wilko’s beauty section is always right at the front of store and something I never even stop to browse at as it’s so limited and I’ve only ever seen the generic big brands that retail in China under the same parent company and test their products on animals. I walked in and was immediately surprised at the sheer amount of goodies lit up in front of me! There wasn’t just a wide range of different products but multiple types of each!

All of my haul clockwise : Eyeshadow Palette – Red Carpet Glam £2.50 | Poreless Primer £3 | Illuminating Liquid Foundation £4 | Baked Illuminator Pink Sand £2.50 |Liquid Illuminator Bronze £3 | Under-eye concealer £2.50 | Long Wear Eyeliner £1.50 | Lip Plumping Clear Gloss £1.50 | Lengthening Mascara £2.50 | Liquid Lipstick £2.50

I picked up all of my staples – primer, foundation, mascara, liquid lipstick and eyeshadow and then grabbed some treats to make sure I gave the whole range a good try, liquid and baked illumination, concealer, eyeliner and lip plumping gloss (something I recently got addicted to before the need to wear masks everyday and something I can’t wait to get back to) Cashing in at £26 which I think is incredible for 10 products, especially when I bought some just to try out meaning you could easily get a face full of essentials for around £15.


I love the packaging of all of the products, the touches of rose gold and geometric shapes add a touch of class to these products, the foundation, primer and illuminator feel a lot more expensive than they are.
The eyeshadow range is incredibly well thought out in terms of colour combos, I obviously went for a classic look in the shade ‘red carpet glam’ and the range of matte, sparkle and glitter work well together, they even give you a guide on the back of which order you use them in for optimum performance. It’s a handy travel size but does feel like the kind of product that would break fairly quickly in my makeup bag, and the brush you get with it isn’t one I’d ever use.
The lip colour ranges are incredibly basic (maybe this is just in the store i was in) but saying that, they’re safe bets and my everyday colours, don’t expect any NYX or Jeffree dupes here though.
They had different types of primers for different skin, and the same goes for mascara including lengthening, waterproof and volumising. I love that they’re giving options here as everyone is different, in fact that’s the reason I bought both a baked and liquid illuminator as it’s never something I’ve found my personal favourite with so I felt it best to trial both for a fair shot.
Finally I love that the eyeliner is a twist one, honestly who keeps around eyeliner sharpeners I ALWAYS loose mine and even though this will blunt quicker for a dull edge I will only use a pencil liner and blend it anyway, I will leave sharp cat eyes to liquid eyeliner.

The only thing missing from this range is a good eyeshadow product. I can’t remember seeing anything other than a powder or pencil and I only use pomades myself so I glossed over that quick, but the option is there if that’s your preference!


Primer – This seems like a basic primer, at £3 it’s worth the price but not going to help fill in deep lines to smoothen out your foundation (as I unfortunately found out on my forehead), it did do great with pores though.
Foundation – A really blendable foundation in a range of shades, it’s light-medium coverage so doesn’t help me with my current ‘mascne’ situation I have going on but I think on a day to day basis it would be good, I didn’t get any sort of setting powder so used my daily one for this. The range also carries an ‘airbrushed skin tint’ but nothing for full coverage.
Concealer – I don’t love concealer that comes in twist pens that have a brush built in, I think its quite unhygienic as when you try to clean it it gets into the product. The concealer itself seems to do a great job though. The range do a £1.50 general concealer and I was only drawn to this for the ‘under-eye’ element but I’d be interested to try the other one out to see if there’s any difference or they’re just upping the price for the thought of fixing an area most people are conscious of.

Eyeshadow – One thing I didn’t pick up was an eyeshadow primer so used my day to day revolution one as an eye primer is a must, I thought the palette was missing the base colour but when applied the bottom right it worked wonders. The colours don’t hold a tonne of saturation but they are really buildable so work eventually. The glitter shade is incredibly faint so I opted for the mid-right instead for a glittery finish as the one directly next to it didn’t apply as well. I chose a smaller travel-sized palette as I honestly have too many already but they do bigger palettes, for the price though I’d probably choose Revolution over this just because it’s a bit more saturated and has more of a colour range.

Mascara – I was very impressed with this mascara, it isn’t heavy or gloopy and does a great job of separating the lashes that really helps with the lengthening look, it’s also really easy to get off! This one was a shock to me as the brush is so thin but it really does work and I got a lot of compliments.
Liner – I skipped over this one, I tried to apply it but it wouldn’t apply over my eyeshadow and I felt like it would ruin the look. I think the eye look would be better with false lashes and in that instant I’d be all over the liner but wasn’t feeling it for today.
Illuminator – The liquid one is so incredibly easy to blend and has a nice, even colour, for this whole look I chose the baked one purely as I’m going to work after and feel this is a more subtle choice but for a night out the liquid one would be my first choice, they’re both great and well worth the money!
Lips – The liquid lip was so buttery soft whilst applying, it dries down to a really nice matte lip without feeling too drying on the lips. The colour is a staple for me so I couldn’t say anything bad even if I wanted to! The lip plumping gloss is also great, it has a really nice scent to it and isn’t an instant lift but over time so it’s not a shock to you like some lip plumper you put on that are quite stingy, its a pleasant experience. I don’t think anything will top two faced lip plumper but this is a great cheap daily alternative.


After a 12 hour night shift I’ve got to say my eyes look just as fresh as the moment after I first did them! The addition of the primer definitely helped with that, the foundation was well worn though but with constantly wearing a mask it’s what I expected.

Overall I love this brand! Some products will definitely stay as daily staples for me and I’m excited to see where else they go, it’s great that we are getting more vegan and cruelty free brands. This brand is definitely geared towards nude/neutral looks but that’s my daily style anyway so I’m loving it. The mascara, baked illuminator and both lip products will be sticking with me. The eyeshadow is good, I recieved so many compliments when I got to work about my eye look! I have so many eye palettes though and it’s my favourite thing to experiment with so I don’t think I will ever exclusively use one brand. The primer, foundation and concealer do a good job on smooth skin but at the moment that’s not me, I think they’ll work wonders for me in Summer but in the current climate my skin needs a bit more investment. I’d love to see a full coverage foundation from this brand, I think that’s really what is missing from ‘drugstore’ cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands right now!

Have you heard of Body Collection England?
Will you be purchasing from them in the future?
Let me know in the comments below!