Beauty Bay Skincare – Review

Once in a while a new company that you’ve been buying from religiously decides to come out with their own range of skincare. Whether they market a New usp, trusted expertise or ethical sourcing it seems everyone is trying their hand at it now, and I’m totally here for it!

Beauty Bay have been a consistent supplier of my beauty shelf for many years now, I originally found them as they were an exclusive supplier of some of my favourite brands only sold in the US. They started bringing out their own ranges of 24 pan eyeshadows that rivalled Morphe for both price, quality pigmentation and inspired colour palettes. Their skincare range released last year with a good base, there’s a large variety of products for different skin types and the only initial downfall for me is the options in moisturiser.

This week I’m delving deeper into skincare with a look at some of the products I trialled in todays sum up post as well as some further detail on some beauty musts that help you understand the reason these should be in every skincare enthusiasts beauty cupboard!

The Skincare by Beauty Bay packaging is simple yet chic, it gives all the relevant information in an easily digestible format and the website breaks down all of the products so you can easily find out which products are right for your skin, you can also use the handy online skincare builder to find a regime that suits you!

Without a doubt their serums are the stand-out. Named SkinHit as each have a unique target which you can use alone or with other products. They even say you can combine a few drops in a moisturiser however I always put lighter products on first so they seep in further. It can be quite daunting looking through so many products to see which is right for you, so check out the main points of each below!

Since the announcement that The Ordinary is being sold to parent company Estée Lauder (a non cruelty free brand) I need a new place for skincare, My Main focus is Niacinimide, Retinol and their bible product Buffet. Beauty Bays Niacinamide serum is a relatively new release so missed out on this haul. My concern is whether it’s an active ingredient for me to warrant it it being a comparable replacement however in my next Beauty Bay Haul I will try it because you can’t really go wrong for the price.

In the few months since launch the skincare range has already seen an expanse into masks, applicators and more. You can opt for one of their sets or build your own. Beyond a doubt their biggest range is their serums now totalling 9 unique serums targeting a wide range of skin issues. The most exciting new update is the protecting serum with anti-pollution and blue light actives which is something I’ve genuinely not seen anywhere else. Is it a gimmick? Who knows, but it sure got my attention!

For now though we will look at the products I did purchase. Like I said their range is laden in serums so I chose two – the clarifying and correcting. And then I chose the day one moisturiser which boasts protective and hydrating properties. The only mask they do is a clay one which I find very drying to skin and I didn’t need a cleanser as I have too many to go through so I felt this was a good start.


£6.50 Bakuchiol and Oatmeal tackling breakouts whilst moisturising skin.

Bakuchiol is something a lot of beauty buffs have been raving about lately! Albeit research for this post was my first encounter with it. It claims to be a natural alternative to retinol, providing all of the benefits with minimal side effects such as redness. This means it supports blemish control whilst tackling pigmentation.

Colloidal oatmeal is the second active ingredient that is used to moisturise and restore the skin. Often dry skin overcompensates with oils which leads to breakouts so whilst it’s good to use ingredients that help control breakouts it’s important to remember to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised or your products will work against your skin instead of alongside it.

Overall I really like this serum! I don’t personally have issues with Retinol based products so I’ll be looking for another Retinol but if you suffer from side effects of Retinol definitely try this!


£5.95 AHA & PHA actives to tackle congestion and texture concerns.

Texture concerns can often be caused by product build up so this serum uses glycolic acid as a key ingredient which delivers a gentle exfoliation and speeds up skin cell turnover. This evens out skin texture and reduces pigmentation. My main issue with this is that it markets itself as a concentrated exfoliating serum – would you wash off after? Surely if it boasts a gentle exfoliation it needs a cleanser after? There’s no information about this on the site so I’m not really sure if i’m overthinking this or it’s clever marketing to people who wouldn’t think too much into it.

This product glides seamlessly into your skin and definitely feels great after prolonged use, I think it’s quite overwhelming the amount of serums they have and I do feel I have issues with product build up despite cleansing thoroughly, my skin does feel fresher after using this for a few weeks!


£6.50 Ginseng and Squalene for protecting and hydrating skin

Moisturising is so important in your skincare routine! If your skin is dry it will produce excess oils to compensate which leads to breakouts. Beauty Bay unfortunately only offers two moisturisers. This one is incredibly lightweight and I suffer from dehydrated skin so for me this is something I’d need to apply consistently. It would be great as a starter moisturiser or for anyone who doesn’t suffer dehydrated skin.

Squalene hydrates whilst strengthening skin to stop hydration escaping whilst Indian Ginseng helps protect and shield the skin from damaging effects of screen emitted light (not something I can personally vouch for as I’m not a scientist but it’s quite a unique marketing point)

The second moisturiser they offer is definitely the one I should have gone for but unfortunately it was out of stock when I purchased! It is a thirst quenching rich moisturiser with oatmeal and oat lipids – something we also found in the clarifying serum.


Despite picking some products that aren’t personally right for me I can tell if you choose correctly these products will help where needed! They’re cost-effective without compromising on ingredients and I’m genuinely impressed at the range of serums they have bought out. I would like to see them branch out more into different products and not rely too much on serums as the moisturisers/masks and more seem like an afterthought or something they’re releasing just for sales whereas the serums genuinely seem like they’ve been thought out with due care and attention in genuinely tackling skin concerns.

I will definitely be purchasing some more of the serums to find my ultimate, I’m excited at trying the niacinamide and hopefully it can live up to The Ordinary version.

Have you purchased any Beauty Bay Skincare?

Which serums would you try out?

Let me know in the comments below!

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