Second-hand, First-choice. My charity shop journey begins here!

I’ve often seen people getting amazing products in second-hand shops. Whether you’re after something vintage, a bit more limited edition or you want higher quality materials at a lower cost, there’s plenty of reasons why people are turning to hunting through rails of pre-loved items to renew and refresh their wardrobe.

Despite spending a good amount of my last 10 years on quite a low income I never really thought of shopping in charity shops as a valid method for acquiring new clothing and often was stuck with easily worn, cheap clothing that I wore to death till they were worn out. There wasn’t really a reason to this, I didn’t think I was ‘better’ than second-hand, I just wasn’t aware of the options out there, and even now I am in a more fortunate position to have hauls at my favourite clothing stores I am now realising the impacts of fast-fashion so turned to my TikTok followers (@ohsoviki) to ask for their best tips and tricks to getting the best quality items to revamp my wardrobe for all seasons!

Last week I headed home for some quality time with friends and family for my birthday and made it my mission to go on a treasure hunt to see what I could find! I have to say even in the short time I’ve been shopping second-hand I’ve learnt so many tips and tricks, learnt a lot about fast-fashion and our growing textile demands and been able to afford some brands I used to only dream of with absolutely no shame of giving these items a new, loving home!

The response to my hauls and adventures has been completely overwhelming so I decided to translate my series both from my TikTok’s into a running blog series right here too. I started my journey in Grimsby and Cleethorpes and after listening to tips from commenters I took what I learnt and journeyed more locally to my home, from Camberley to Guildford, Fleet and Frimley. I’m yet to venture to Basingstoke, Windsor and Reading as I’m so intrigued to see the differences in both stores and areas.

I’ll be bringing you haul posts, tips to find good products, ethics behind charities and fast-fashion and much, much more. So if you’ve always thought about making second-hand clothing your first choice, stick around, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

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