Shopping small – Discover some of my favourite brands *Jewellery Edition *

2021 was the year of sustainability and shopping small for me. Discovering handcrafted items instead of mass-produced mania that would be out of style in a month. It may be a little more expensive initially but if you know what to look for it will last far far longer! I actually wrote a post on christmas gift ideas from small brands in 2020 which sparked off my love for supporting independent creators dreams.

I’ve learnt a lot about jewellery in recent years and even though last year I started focusing more on shopping sustainably for clothing I very much ended the year only buying jewellery that would last, both in quality (sterling silver) and from small vendors.

Lil Danglers

I discovered Lil Danglers on Instagram and for the longest time admired from afar. My best friends 30th birthday came around and I knew the mermaid cat necklace would steal her heart, the only problem was I wanted one too. Now this isn’t the kind of piece I would usually wear, I would buy this kind of piece ornamentally but I felt that would be a bit of a waste so I decided to jump right in and buy both Sarah and myself matching necklaces despite it not being my intention for us to get matching jewellery! I also picked up a beautiful juxtaposition of cute and retro in star shaped earrings with acrylic lightning bolts. I wanted to support a brand I absolutely love in style but also wanted to branch out in my style slightly – so if there are any recommendations on what to wear the necklace with please do shout out!

Daffodils and dangles

Becoming a brand rep for Daffodils and Dangles was honestly a highlight of 2021! I spoke briefly about it in my recap because it’s so much more than getting a product and promoting it. I’ve become part of an amazing and influential group of girls who get the insight on new lines, have our own little market research conversations about the next release and do get the added benefit of trialing some earrings. I chose the candy cane hearts from Meg’s Christmas line as I was trying to move into more sustainable accessories and thought this would work all year round as well. I’m most impressed though by the hoop daisy’s! Oh my god I’m honestly in love with them! On paper they’re not ‘my style’ but I’ve not stopped wearing them all weekend and this proves you should always try new things because you’ll never know what you’ll fall in love with! They’re perfect spring/summer vibes and the hoop is not too heavy which I do have issues with on larger pieces and usually have to take my left hoop out, also the way they secure means I can be confident they’re secure all day unlike a lot of hoops I wear.(I had my left ear stretched as a teen- only to 6/8mm so not even big – but it never went back properly so lots of earrings hang very loose that side and tend to fall out a lot if it’s not a super secure fastening).

Wearing the candy cane hearts from the Christmas collection

I’m so excited to see this brand grow this year and I can tell you that her Valentines line is not one to miss. If any of you would like to purchase from Daffodils and Dangles you can use the code ohsoviki10 for 10% of all purchases on her Etsy!

Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry is more of a daily wear for me, stainless steel or sterling silver pieces in a variety of overlays but no base metal in sight and at it’s core long-lasting, wearable collections. It’s incredibly easy to pair with a variety of outfits from casual shop trips, 12 hour shifts or a night out.

I have to say I went a bit mad in the January sale – something which I had done so well with up until here! This hand on heart was a company I’d watched progress from a tiny little start up in Sheffield and I just love their designs and want people to ask ‘ooh what are you wearing’ so I can promote the hell out of them – they deserve it. Plus it’s not often you get matching sets in the sale so when I saw matching earrings and necklaces I had to have them – I have really been co-ordinating lately I think it ties together a whole outfit and frankly I’ve spent all my life just slapping things together that I individually like with no cohesion.

What are some of your favourite independant brands?
Would you like to see more posts in different fields of this?
Let me know in the comments below

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