Second-hand, First-choice. My charity shop journey begins here!

I’ve often seen people getting amazing products in second-hand shops. Whether you’re after something vintage, a bit more limited edition or you want higher quality materials at a lower cost, there’s plenty of reasons why people are turning to hunting through rails of pre-loved items to renew and refresh their wardrobe.

Despite spending a good amount of my last 10 years on quite a low income I never really thought of shopping in charity shops as a valid method for acquiring new clothing and often was stuck with easily worn, cheap clothing that I wore to death till they were worn out. There wasn’t really a reason to this, I didn’t think I was ‘better’ than second-hand, I just wasn’t aware of the options out there, and even now I am in a more fortunate position to have hauls at my favourite clothing stores I am now realising the impacts of fast-fashion so turned to my TikTok followers (@ohsoviki) to ask for their best tips and tricks to getting the best quality items to revamp my wardrobe for all seasons!

Last week I headed home for some quality time with friends and family for my birthday and made it my mission to go on a treasure hunt to see what I could find! I have to say even in the short time I’ve been shopping second-hand I’ve learnt so many tips and tricks, learnt a lot about fast-fashion and our growing textile demands and been able to afford some brands I used to only dream of with absolutely no shame of giving these items a new, loving home!

The response to my hauls and adventures has been completely overwhelming so I decided to translate my series both from my TikTok’s into a running blog series right here too. I started my journey in Grimsby and Cleethorpes and after listening to tips from commenters I took what I learnt and journeyed more locally to my home, from Camberley to Guildford, Fleet and Frimley. I’m yet to venture to Basingstoke, Windsor and Reading as I’m so intrigued to see the differences in both stores and areas.

I’ll be bringing you haul posts, tips to find good products, ethics behind charities and fast-fashion and much, much more. So if you’ve always thought about making second-hand clothing your first choice, stick around, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

My Veganuary Journey – it isn’t ending here

Veganuary may be over but it is the start of a new chapter in my life. Being Vegetarian for the past 12 years and eating 80% vegan for the past 3-4 years I decided it was time to fully make the commitment. Vegan diets are becoming more and more popular than ever with many more options on the market making it convinient for everyone, supermarkets and takeaways are all jumping on the bandwagon this year more than ever with a growing number of options which will hopefully stick around past January. If you thought about taking on Veganuary it’s not too late to try this lifestyle and I’m here to walk you through my experiences this past month.

The first big shop

A £50 bonus voucher from work for christmas was the perfect start to veganuary. That way I could get a variety of food, try lots of new things and it was more of a taster month of what I’d enjoy going forward. I headed to tesco and after spending £10 on cat supplies I had the other £40 to play with, I tried to get a variety of foods and some accompaniments to give a bit of variety to my meals.

Staples – Frozen veg, chicken, mince and frozen berries. I chose a variety of own brands and the more expensive brands for the fake meats and have to say they all tasted great, sure you can tell brands like oumph! and Naked glory have a premium taste but own brands are definitely good enough for day to day meals.

New Trials – Variety of sauces to spice up meals, vegan pulled pork bao buns, halloumi and feta. I also got a block of tofu, I love tofu in premade meals or at restaurants but have never cooked it before.

Treats – Vegan pizza and wine, mint choc chip ice cream (£2 from wicked kitchen, much cheaper than other brands that add a premium to vegan icecream)

Day to Day swaps

Starbucks surprised us all with their Vegan whipped cream!

I’ve despised milk for so long that it has not been an issue for me at all to swap that out! There’s so many different alternative milks now, Soya is a free replacement in most coffee shops, almond milk is my personal favourite but Costa Coffee’s new caramel oat latte+ is my daily fix now!

I don’t know why but i was shocked when I found vegan butter in my shop! I’ve had vegan margerine for years but butter is something new to me! It tastes really nice and seasoned.

Vegan cheeses taste a thousand times better than they used to when I first tried them 6 or 7 years ago! I got slices for burgers, Feta and Halloumi for salads and the vegan cheese alternatives delivered by dominos and pizza hut are so creamy and delicious!

Fancy Night In

With the current lockdown limiting us from going out for a nice dinner I decided I wanted a nice night in with a restaurant vibe. The one thing I knew I’d miss despite hating pasta generally was spinach and ricotta tortellini. I found Wicked kitchens Spinach and Wild garlic ravioli for £3 in Tesco and got that with a vegan garlic bread, vegan rose wine and Salted caramel Gü pots.

The ravioli was amazing, I was shocked at how soft it stayed as the usual tortellini I get goes cold 30 seconds after you plate it up and stiffens up pretty quickly. I didn’t use any sauce just a little bit of vegan butter and pepper and that was more than enough as the inside was so creamy! It really tasted as good as a restaurant and I was very impressed.

The salted caramel Gü pot was quite overwhelming at first, i didnt know what to make of it but halfway through i liked it, the biscuit base is noway near thick enough to counter the sweetness of the cream on top though which i think is why it was overwhelming.

Best Veganuary treats

  • Dominos Chick-Ain’t pizza
  • Starbucks Beyont meat breakfast burger – made with scrambled tofu, coconut cheese and delish own brand relish.
  • Fruit pastilles – Since their inception they were always made with gelatine but their latest batch isn’t and is suitable for vegans! Beware though, it’s only the new sharebags labelled vegan that are, a lot of old packets especially the small single rolls arent although going forth they should be. I had my friend try both of these and he said there was no difference!

Overall Thoughts

Entering Veganuary I knew this wouldn’t just be a month long commitment for me, but I’m surprised at how easy it was for me, on long 12 hour shifts the staple wicked kitchen stir fried tofu kept me going with some fruit as snacks. The options in supermarkets are ever growing and I can’t wait to see what they do next! I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything anymore as animal by-products are slowly being phased out of some products and there are great alternatives for the others. I’m proud of finally reaching this transition and frankly this month was a lot of exploring pre-made food, I’m actually excited to start learning how to cook my own foods.


So I asked all of you on my instagram @ohsoviki for your questions about my experience.

  1. I’ve wanted to transition from vegetarian to vegan but is it more expensive?
    I can relate to this! It’s one of the reasons I haven’t done it sooner because it would have just been me eating a plate of vegetables – plain! For years Quorn had the smallest percentage of milk or egg in it and then when they bought out their vegan range it was double the price! Luckily now theres so much more variety, lots of own brands are vegan, Aldi has some absolute steals! They have vegan pizza for £1.50! There’s also lots of ‘accidentally vegan’ food choices, it takes some time but with the right research you’ll realise you have so many options fit for all budgets!
  2. What do you miss most?
    Ooh thats tough because theres so many more options now! I’d say cheese but I didn’t *love* cheese before, theres lots of vegan cheese options now but you have to know how to cook it right, that’s probably what most vegans miss. As much as I don’t have a massive sweet tooth i’d say a good vegan cookie, there are so many out on the market now but none in any of my local stores as I live in a small village, they’re definitely out there though, co-op, tesco, aldi, marks and spencer, they all have their own vegan cookies now. I’ll just need to stock up when I get there!
  3. Is it healthier?
    Day to day I’d say yes because I have to think more about what I’m eating and planning food for work I make sure i’m eating healthier but there are so many more junk food vegan takeawy options than there was even a year or two ago! I ate so much vegan pizza last month and other junk food just because I wanted to try vegan options whilst it was veganuary and shops had it in.

Did you take part in Veganuary?
What’s your favourite vegan treat?
Let me know in the comments below!

BOOHOO Beauty Advent Caledar – Review

For those of you who don’t know, this year I treat myself to Boohoo’s beauty advent calendar. One of two beauty calendars I received this year. This first was my 24 days of Korean skincare which I opened pre-December to give you a full review, this one however was a little treat to myself and I wanted the full experience, so I opened it daily over on my instagram @OhSoViki to get me through December.

Retailing at £40 (£32 at the time with discount code) with an advertised RRP of £149 worth of products inside I did little research before hitting the purchase button because frankly, what’s the point of a surprise if it isn’t a surprise at all!

Was it worth it? Will I be purchasing it next year? Let’s find out!

I ❤ Makeup Molten Lip, Skinny Tan Choc Instant Tan, Glamourise Eyelashes, Velvotan Mitt, Fluffy Bow headband, I heart Revolution Mini Palette, Mini Tanologist Tanning Drops, Soothing 2 pack Face Masks, Cuticle Set, Bubble T Grape Bath Pearls, I Heart Revolution Eyeliner, Rose Gold lash applicator, Carmel Lip Balm, Sleek Shattered Glass Lip Topper, Beauty Blender, Sunkissed Easy Brow, Sleek Highlighter Palette, Barry M Nail Varnish, Eyelure Enchanted Eyelashes, Jade Roller, Oh K! Face Mask, Eyelash Curlers.

The first couple of days yielded poor results, at first I got the I ❤ makeup Molten Lip, which wouldn’t work, followed by lashes that were really poor quality and had a lot of strays that gave you no shape and a frankly sample sized tan drops that you put into your own moisturiser. I knew there were better things to come though! Day 4 gave me the fluffy bow headband which honestly is so simple but adorable and it started picking up from there!

The calendar definitely gives you a massive variety of make-up, beauty, tools and a good mix of brands you’ve heard of, fan favourites, new brands to try and maybe fall in love with!

There was definitely a Chocolate theme with these, which probably goes hand in hand for most people, but I’m not a massive fan of chocolate fragranced beauty products. I eventually got the Molten Lip to work and it’s not a colour I expected at all, it’s very sickly pink that isn’t quite a gloss or lipstick it’s inbetween in one of those ways where it doesn’t quite adhere to your lip properly for a while, and if you have dry lips (who doesn’t in winter) it shows up everything that’s wrong! But when it does it leaves a fairly nice stained colour – I received a lot of compliments on the colour and think i’ll be using it again as long as I have the foresight of putting it on a couple of hours before I head out. I love The Chocolate Orange eye palette has my everyday colours in it and it’s a handy travel size and sturdy casing so I can see this becoming a staple. I have no idea what to expect of the tan, you do get a tanning mitt and the booster drops too so I think for a while I’ll be stepping away from my vampire chic aesthetic.

Some of my most exciting products were the eyelash applicator and Jade Roller! Even though I put a poll on my instagram story on whether they work and an overwhelming 82% said no I’m still excited to try these out, but all of the ‘tools’ that came in the calendar really were let down by poor packaging, The beauty blender is as basic as they come and really a pound shop present, throw it in a travel case or holder and you’d be onto a winner there for not a lot more cost to the retailer. The amount of plastic packaging too seems so wasteful although I guess they’re thinking about the fact they need to be ‘hygenically’ sent to us.

So the left hand side are the lashes that seem to have no structure to them with random strays, these were opened on day two so left me a little disappointed, the Eyelure ones were day 22 and I was so impressed, I think they’re one of the most high-end pieces of the entire calendar considering they also include a mini applicator in themselves, which you could say would make the others redundant but it never hurts to have a travel-sized pair for touch ups!

I’ve got to say this is definitely aimed to a more younger demographic, with multiple ‘I heart’ and sleek products, which don’t get me wrong can be great but I see them as drugstore, first time friendly products.

My stand-outs!

  • Sheet masks (although I don’t need 2 from one calendar)
  • Jade roller
  • Eyelure set and applicator
  • Bow headband – so soft and a cute design.

Happy to have – Wouldn’t purchase
The nail set is great, honestly the cuticle pen is a lifesaver but a wooden emery board? No thanks! Glass all the way, never use wooden as it causes more splints.
Tanning cream is always fun to play around with because i’ve never found one that works for me so rather than purchasing it to realise it doesn’t work i’m happy for it to come as an addition in this box.

Let downs

  • Pink unicorn eyeliner (one too many I heart products and this one seems like the opacity over eyeshadow won’t be great).
  • Spider-leg eyelashes.
  • The sample sized tanning drops
  • The two animal tested products that I won’t even name, it’s 2020, there’s no need for it.

Overall thoughts

There’s definitely more than £40 worth of products in here at standard retail price and the added thought of it being in a calendar will always come at a premium but I’ve purchased plenty of £30-40 beauty boxes that come with way more value in them. I think there was little thought in the contents, with 2 sets of polish, eyelashes, tan and face masks (which I could manage if they were on par with each other but in each case one is vastly superior to the other) but I do think there is really an astonishing amount of variety in this calendar and after the initial few days of let downs I was seriously excited daily to see what I was going to get.

I also think this is massively targeted to 16 year olds, there are so many ‘young’ brands in here but not even young in a 18-24 way, Considering the model on the photos selling this is literally in underwear I think the products barring the Eyelure and Jade Roller are really for first timers, like I said, it’s not that these brands are bad, but there’s a ‘cheap’ and ‘young’ demographic to them rather than seeing say a NYX Product (or something on par) thrown in a little bit more.

It was a fun experience, I really did enjoy opening up something new each day and I know I’ll get good use out of 99% of these products, I think it was fairly priced for the £32 I paid, but I think the products are not as expensive as they’re making out, Getting a Latest in Beauty box for example is going to give me genuinely higher market items for around £30-40. I think doing little research into it was fun so it was a genuine surprise but next year I need to find a fully cruelty free one without spoiling the contents, if it wasn’t for that sole fact I actually would consider this next year despite the few blips because with 24 products at the price I paid odds are you won’t like everything but it did good overall and gave me a good little treat each day of December!

Did you get a different type of advent calendar this year?

Will you be getting one next year?

Let me know your stories in the comments below!

24 days of Korean Skincare – Miin Beauty Advent Calendar

*Disclaimer* This product was gifted to me by a distributor but not directly by the brand. I have not been asked or paid to write this review and all opinions are my own.

Beauty advent calendars have taken us by storm over the past few years! They give you some additional treats than a little chocolate each day and are such an exciting way to lead up to Christmas! This year I knew I wanted one, I just wasn’t sure what to get! I have tonnes of make-up products and then when I saw the Miin advent calendar I knew I’d found the perfect thing to try! The only tough part is not opening it beforehand, but that’s where this review comes in…

Welcome to Seoul – This year Miin have curated some exclusive skincare products from one of the worlds most renowned countries for Skincare. Their cherry blossom pink box boasts 24 drawers filled with some of Korea’s best kept secrets in skincare.

“Every K-Beauty lover or Korean skincare enthusiast dreams of shopping in Seoul and finding the absolute perfect products. This year, your dream will finally come true! Thanks to our 2020 Advent Calendar, you’ll feel like you’re walking through the neon-lit streets of Seoul, finding amazing products that will make your skin glow every single day.” – Miin website

Now for those of you who want to keep their advent calendar a complete surprise I would stop reading now! Frankly I don’t think I can give this box an honest review with its £90 price tag without delving deeper into the products. I guess the short version is if you’re interested in discovering Korean Skincare, don’t mind a few tester products thrown in with full-size as well as products containing animal by-products then go for it, the packaging is beautiful, completely reusable and it’s a great way to discover some new brands, however if you’re flagged by any of the keywords above I’d continue reading for more information.

What’s in the box?

1 – orange sherbert cleanser 2– pirem moisture cleansing foam 3 – blithe patting splash mist 4 – the skin lounge face mask 5– benton fermentation essence 6 – urang yellow glow oil serum 7– village factory eye cream 8 – Rose mary scalp pack 9– urang cerimide cream 10 – hand mask 11– g9 skin milk whipping foam 12 – spf 13-rose toner 14-pirem 12 ingredient cream 15– mizon eye cream 16– urang natural cleansing oil 17 – body oil cream village factory 18– urang blue brightning oil 19– snail cream 20– benton cleansing foam 21– konjac sponge 22-benton snail serum 23-neck mask 24 – shangpree capsules

So where do I even start? Face & eye creams, body treatments and masks galore. Serums, toners, cleansers and even hair products thrown in, there really is everything you need to take your skincare game from zero to hero! There are multiple products from the same brands and the same products from different brands, all of them are some of Koreas most renowned Skincare brands so it really is a great way to discover things that work for you.

An absolute standout from my first impression is the Konjac sponge – I LOVE Konjac sponges and honestly was SO EXCITED to open a drawer and see this! It’s a great way to naturally cleanse regardless of whether you add a cleanser to it or not. It is made of all natural Konjac plant fibers and I have been using these for years after seeing a Korean beauty Youtuber rave about them in 2015. I know this works, and I know not many people know about them or have tried them and even though this may not seem like the most exciting gift in the box I know this works and it works well, so this gives me confidence in the products in this calendar.

  • Variety of products and a great way to discover new brands , multiple of some products allows you to discover ranges but theres not too many so you still feel like you’re getting variety
  • Ranges of products really give you chance to discover what brand works for you. This is purely a skincare box and marketed as that, so if you open your 4th cleanser and think ‘oh another cleanser’ don’t. Think theres 4 chances for you to see which works for you. The max of one product is 4 anyway and I do believe there is enough variety here.
  • So let’s get the first obvious thing out of the way, a lot of these products boast being vegan and cruelty free. There are 3 snail creams which – as much as I have heard about the miracles of this product – it is controversial for someone who only buys cruelty free products. As this was gifted to me without me knowing its contents I was unaware of this and won’t personally be using these three products, I am not a fan of waste though, I will be donating these to my mother and letting her use them and then showing her alternatives for future. I personally would rather not waste them and educate people in future than let it go to waste.
  • I don’t know any other advent calendars that do actual testers rather than mini sizes. I’m going to be honest there are about 4-5 products that are so small they’re disappointing in size. Maybe they’re expensive products where a little goes a long way, however the yellow Ulang glow serum I did test and a drop from the pipette did not spread very far. Frankly even if they are expensive products so they give you testers to reel you in I don’t think they’re playing to the right audience with this.

The price

Realistically this should be about £60 in my opinion, the retail value of the contents is advertised at £164 and being sold in the reusable box for £90. I buy A LOT of beauty boxes and even splurged on a second advent calendar this year and usually I will spend about £30-40 for contents of £150-£200+ So just in terms of cost I believe you should get double what you pay. Looking at the sample products (not even mini versions) is quite dissappointing but when you do get a full sized product it’s so exciting. I think some of this may be down to import fees and UK regulations of bringing in Skincare products to the UK from Korea so I do take that into consideration. I think if you’re a K-beauty fanatic, want to test out one of the best skincare counties hidden secrets and don’t want to dedicate to just one brand before you know then this is a good buy, I do just think it’s overpriced though.

The products

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, i’m impressed with the variety in this box, it markets itself as purely skincare and you get the authentic Korean vibe of skincare with delicate products that are not overpowering in acids, perfumes and more. I’ve mentioned that some of the sizes of the products are smaller than i’d prefer but overall I’m really excited to try some brand new products that I’ve not had chance to try before. Obviously the snail creams take 3 items out of this box for me which is a shame, but it’s easy to see why they’re included in the first place, hopefully with laws changing in Asia about animal testing on cosmetics they may look towards finding synthetic versions of these kinds of products for future however for now it’s hard to argue with their perception of it as it’s so widely accepted in their culture, even if it’s something I personally disagree with.

The packaging

I am honestly in love with this packaging, everything about it screams delicate, blossoming skincare. The simplicity in the illustrations is beautiful and the Korean accents feel incredibly authentic. It is completely reusable and not specifically ‘Christmassy’ so can be used at all times of the year. I will be using it as a makeup storage way after Christmas 2020. My other beauty advent calendar is a flipbook made of flimsy cardboard and filled with plastic. Sure you get the excitement of opening doors and peeling back the foil in that authentic advent tradition but it’s completely disposable. I really can’t say enough good things about how this box is curated and designed.

So there it is, my first impression of the Miin Welcome to Seoul Skincare advent calendar! Ill be opening my beauty advent calendars daily over on my instagram @ohsoviki so make sure you head over there for more in-depth openings of each product. In the meantime let me know in the comment section if you have a special advent calendar this year?

Too Hot to Handle? Summer Heatwave Edition.

This week has definitely been one for the books. The heatwave we’re currently in is frankly unbearable for the majority of us British people who are used to brisk winds and constant rain. Although it’s welcome for me I forsee lobster season for my skin! Factor 50 come at me!

For those of you who don’t follow my instagram @ohsoviki I started a new job at the beginning of the month. I am absolutely loving the variety of it and it’s definitely playing to my strengths. It’s great to meet new people, especially as I don’t know too many people down south yet, it’s also fun to hear lots of stories from people in my industry and get to learn from them.

This week I was asked to work on a remote broadcast for a some garden equipment promotion and guess what day they picked? Of course, the hottest day of the year! It made us incredibly busy testing out all of the equipment alongside dismantling a studio, but I guess it’s more productive than sitting in said studio watching ancient aliens at 6am which was how we spent the previous day.

It was a sweltering 36 degrees and we had 3 hours of solid shooting (with an hour off for myself personally directing from the gallery which I was so happy for as it’s constantly cool in there). The crew were hiding under umbrellas and we had to set some equipment up next to a fan and if still overheated! Overall it was really fun to work on though and I can’t wait to do more!

My nights are usually spent relaxing now. I’ve been decluttering my flat (it no longer looks like the tip from my first picture on this post! Promise!) and also got back into gaming. I am addicted to The Last of Us! It has been on my shelf for years and I just never got around to it despite how good everyone says it is. It’s not what I expected at all but has not failed to disappoint, and with the second one finally releasing recently I felt like it was time to finally get my ass into gear and play it.

This weekend is my weekend off so today I ventured out to prepare for a bbq I am having. As well as my first time in a shopping centre in months! I weirdly found my favourite purchase in lidl which was this adorable cactus llama. The weekend will be filled with testing out all of my new products that I have received so keep an eye out here for more reviews!

How are you all coping with this heat? Especially during lockdown? Let me know in the comments!

Teas, Tease and Weddings. A weekly catch-up

Well hello, it’s been a while. That’s because my week has been jam-packed with friends, family and celebrations.

I have about 3 posts half-cooking but since i’ve been very busy this week I am going to do a weekly catch-up and then we’ll move onto big projects! I’m super excited to get started!

So settle in, because this one is a long one.


Time to set off! It was a miracle that work wasn’t too busy and the other manager came in after her holiday and covered for me so I could leave an hour and a half early because that meant I only hit the road for 4 hours and a short break rather than 6 which was my last journey home! It also meant I got home early enough to spend quality time with my mum, we watched The House because Amy Poehler, yes please!

Saturday (1)

Sunday was incredibly busy, I started with a trip to town to buy an outfit for the night, which I unfortunately didn’t get a good photo in. I had such a big haul of goodies including some amazing wet-look leggings, lots of jewellery and makeup.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at 16.50.42 (3)

I then went for the cutest Afternoon Tea with my mum, I’ve never had Afternoon Tea before but I have to say i’m a big fan!

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at 16.50.40

It came out on a cute picnic bench and they were all handmade in the adjoining bakery. There was so much we ended up boxing the majority up and taking it home. The Raspberry and White chocolate mousse in biscuit was my favourite, but it was all delicious.

We then walked along the beach and to another place to book Afternoon Tea for Tuesday as we were meeting my mums friend and wanted to do something special.

Sunday night was filled with cocktails and mocktails. I don’t really drink anymore and don’t miss it too much. We basically took up the entire sports bar with 3 tables of 9. It was so good to see everyone before the big day and was a really nice way to start the celebrations. There was also questionable entertainment but everyone left smiling.

I had a berry mocktail that was delicious and then a vegan burger which, again, was a massive portion. Everyone left pretty early to prepare for the big day but it was a great night nonetheless

Saturday (2)

The day came quick! And it was absolutely stunning! It was a late wedding so breakfast could be a slow and enjoyable affair with my mum.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at 16.50.43


We went back to my favourite coffee shop and I had avocado toast and a smoothie. It had a bit of a kick as it was a boost smoothie named Sunshine – banana, orange, sweet potato, cinnamon, ginger & tumeric.

My smoothie was a bit of a kick for my mum so she opted for a creamy banana and oat smoothie, I much preferred the kick so will definitely be making this at home!



the fallows Wedding Day.png

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at 16.50.41whatsapp-image-2019-08-29-at-16.49.14.jpegWhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at 16.49.13 (1)

The cake was delicious, it was so creamy and tasted a bit like strawberry and prosecco. I ended up subtly standing next to it and eating more than my fair share (after it was cut of course!)

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at 16.49.10 (2)

Lucy’s mum had made the most delicious shortbread wedding favours!

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at 16.49.08

Possibly the best wedding decoration was this donut wall! And I have just realised how much this has turned into a sweet indulgence post!

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at 16.49.06 (1)

Check out my instagram @OhSoViki for the sparklers, more sweet treats and the cutest wedding dance ever!

Saturday (3)

What a way to round my trip off! Firstly was coffee and breakfast with Mum and Gordon. I had a boost breakfast of wholemeal bread, hummus, avocado, mushroom, poached egg and tomato.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at 16.49.09 (2)

You can definitely tell the difference between fresh cafe food and chains, this food, although nice was soggy and tasted frozen. I followed this with copious amounts of my favourite tea – Lemon & Ginger.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at 16.49.13 (3)

We had a quick coffee break and then relaxed at home for a while, I did a few chores for my mum and reluctantly started to pack.

Top 10 Secluded Beaches to Visit.png

I cannot believe the amount of food we took home from this! We had 4 boxes full from a 3 person afternoon tea. My absolute favourite was the orange Madeira cake, I also tried macarons for the first time and have to say I have fully bought into the hype!

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-31 at 16.52.27

I am an Afternoon Tea addict now! This one was very traditional compared to the other days so I’m excited to visit more and see the differences in them. Of course my next stop will be my favourite coffee shop that I have mentioned many times because they do lots of vegan options!

Screenshot (33)

It was then time to head back South. It was an incredible mini-break and I cannot wait for my friends and family to come visit so I can take them on adventures in my new home.