A Belated August Favourites

Screenshot (36)Walking/Running – Clearing my head throughout August was a big deal and with the beautiful weather I found myself going out every morning at 6.30am. It was the perfect way to wake up and kickstart my day and I found I was a lot more proactive in the morning because of this and loved discovering new places! Now the colder mornings are approaching I’m not sure if I will continue or replace this with something else but it definitely needs to wake me up, put me in a positive mindset and motivate me.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-29 at 16.50.40 (1)Afternoon Teas – I found my affinity with this from visiting my mum twice throughout August and in my post Teas, Tease and Weddings. A weekly catch-up it’s clear this is my new addiction and I have no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more posts filled with tasty treats in the coming months!


The Ordinary – I have several products from The Ordinary and religiously implemented them into my skincare routine in August. I will be doing a dedicated post on the products I use and my thoughts and skincare progression soon so keep an eye out! But for the cost and how effective they are I am in love with this brand and highly recommend them!

91hKcX035dL._SL1500_Vitamin E Facial Mist – The bodyshop produces one of my favourite facial mists, it has a slight makeup setting function – not a strong one but I find its hydrating properties outweigh its setting features therefore it has been an obsession for a long time but this helped keep my hydrated throughout summer and has made it onto this months favourites.

mrs maiselThe Marvelous Mrs Maisel – I’ve heard everyone speak about this for a long time, and I finally gave it a watch! It is about a female comic in the 50s overcoming (personally) an incredibly relatable situation whilst trying to succeed in a mans world. It’s lighthearted, uplifting and motivational whilst also being funny and shot incredibly well. I’m loving Amazon Prime originals, honestly, more than Netflix originals at this point! Carnival row has just released so that will be my next go, let’s see if that makes it onto Septembers favourites!


Will you be checking out any of my August favourites? What have been some of your end of summer essentials? Let me know in the comments, i’d love to try out some suggestions!

3 thoughts on “A Belated August Favourites

  1. Thinklikeart says:

    OMG i love Afternoon Tea! I also have a facial mist from body care it as coconut in it and its the best buy ever. i’ll give Vitamin E Facial Mist try for sure.

    Keep up the amazing work!

    Thinklikeart x


      • Thinklikeart says:

        its honestly amazing for my skin during the winter, in the summer i did not use it much as it is quite heavy. would you recommend the vitamin E for the summer period?


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