Where did Blogtober go?

This week hosted World Mental Health day. And it was important for me to stop for a moment.

I hate Autumn. I hate the cold mornings. I hate the cold afternoons. I hate the cold evenings.

I’m constantly wrapped up with a portable heater, as soon as I get home I climb in bed and the amount of chocolate and biscuits I consume is beyond recognition. This put me in a major slump though. I genuinely feel so much better when my body is fuelled with healthy foods and not crammed with artificial sugars and weighed down with heavy starch.

Today I regrouped. I went for my morning run, picked up my pen and headed to a café to focus on what makes me happy. My projects.

My mum is visiting me this weekend and I cannot wait, it’s been a month since I booked her train tickets and it has gone quick – thank god! It’s honestly been a long month, but I know seeing her and having a weekend together will remotivate me and give me that last push I need to get out of this slump!

I think it’s a time for a clear-out of clutter at home and condensing my ideas so I can fully focus on my main priorities and not get lost in a slew of ideas where nothing is being achieved. It’s my day off tomorrow, so, Nero in hand (obviously) I’ll be tackling my next steps and preparing for a weekend I need more than anything…




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